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The kickoff for #NFL100 is here and we only have two words – WE READY! Don't miss the season opener Green Bay Packers taking on the Chicago Bears on Thursday, September 9th at 8:20pm EST.

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Go brownies 😋

rel side br Reply

I hope the kids that did that video are getting paid

    Donald Allen Reply

    They’ll get paid with, “CTE”……🤫

    Martin Reply

    @Donald Allen Nike probably killed them and sold their organs.

    A • Reply

    rel side br ask ncaa if those kids are getting paid

    Skinny Dipper Reply

    This is where they got it from

    Ivan Reply

    a box of McDonalds chicken pieces and 3 quarters

OnTheHouse Reply

Where’s my SB50 Bronco fans at?

    Tripp Hazy Reply

    In the past

    dariel ez Reply

    right here boss

    GlazeJWK Reply

    Tripp Hazy lmao

    WeenieDog21 Reply

    3 years ago

gniothegrate makes Reply

who els is ready for 2019 football

Patricio Velasco Oyervides Reply

Can’t wait for Houston to win the super bowl

    Dark World Reply

    What is this man on

George Productions Reply

Yes! My Steelers can actually focus on football this year and not any of the Brown and Bell drama!

    NewEnglandSportsDynasty 38Titles&Counting Reply

    @Crow of Judgement Okay. Not to draw this out or anything but how do you figure. If both franchises have 6 SB wins. But one has 3 more SB appearances. Shouldn’t that be the tie breaker. To be honest this isn’t comparing qbs where other stats or intangibles come into play. SB is the be all end all. If appearances were a tie. Then I’d go to postseason wins. What’s your take on it. Not starting anything just curious.

    Torey XD Reply

    NewEnglandSportsDynasty 38Titles&Counting ur literally the most kind pats fan Tom Brady better carry this cuz gronk is unrealistic and can’t be replaced

    Ps I’m a Steelers fan

    Crow of Judgement Reply

    @NewEnglandSportsDynasty 38Titles&Counting My take on it is that this all happened in the past twenty years. If you remember, the Pats were dogshit until Brady. Until you have insane stats (say 7 or 8 SB wins) you can’t be above a team that has been consistently winning for like 40 years. So let’s say the Browns are dominant with Mayfield for like 12 years. They win two SB’s and make the playoffs all but one year during that span. Does this make them better than the Ravens as a franchise? No. All because the Browns just started to be good, while the Ravens were good the whole time, before the Mayfield era. Again, if the Pats win another SB I’ll say they’re better as a franchise than the Steelers, but right now, I still think they Steelers are better, as a franchise.

    tl;dr: Until the Pats win another SB, I still think the Steelers are better as a franchise because they’ve been consistently winning since the 70’s.

    NewEnglandSportsDynasty 38Titles&Counting Reply

    @Crow of Judgement
    Fair enough. But the turn around started in 1993 when Parcells got hired and drafted Bledsoe. God I remember that day. Thinking is the start of something. I had no idea it would be the foundation for this run though. So 1994 to 2018 the Pats have been going to the playoffs regularly. That is 2.5 straight decades of having winning seasons and make the postseason.
    Going back to the late 1970s to the late 1980s they had 11 winning seasons and 5 postseason appearances with a SB appearance. Even in the 1960s the made it to the AFL championship game. That is a championship title game or SB appearance in every decade of the teams existence except 1. I’d have to some research but I’m pretty that is rare and maybe they are the only one.

    Pittsburgh was not good from the 1930s up to the 1970s. So that franchise took time to get it’s run going. Of course they haven’t dropped off since then too much.

    SO what ever order you want to put them is fine until one of our teams gets a 7th. I consider myself fortunate to grow up in the NE region and to be old enough to see this team grow over the decades.

    NewEnglandSportsDynasty 38Titles&Counting Reply

    @Torey XD
    It’s not easy to be nice all the time when you hear sports “experts” analyst drool over Rodger every time he burps. Or the constant BS about cheating from the same “experts”. Having grew up before this run started Pats fans just wanted to win and some respect for our team. At times it’s like I want them to win just out of spite now cause it seems to piss everyone off. I understand fans being petty and stupid. But for experts on tv ignore the insane amount of effort Belichick and Brady put in 365 is inexcusable.

Ka kjj Reply

Lol is this suppose to be a promo

    NewEnglandSportsDynasty 38Titles&Counting Reply

    It was a pretty weak. Decent song but trash the video could have been better.

American Sports Fan Reply

Patriots aren’t gonna win the AFC championship game this year

And thats a fact

    NewEnglandSportsDynasty 38Titles&Counting Reply

    @American Sports Fan
    I respect you not going with bogus cheating remarks.
    Gronk was still a great blocker but a shell of himself when it came to offensive production in 2018.
    11-5 with Gronk missing 3 games, Edelman missing 4 games. This team doesn’t need nameable receivers. This team is a team has moved on from greats in the past without missing a beat.
    It’s understandable to think the pats are going to be worse with how the media talks about them. Every season they focus on who left. Not on who is still there and who is brought in.
    They brought in Michael Bennett who was far more productive than Flowers last season.
    Brought back Jamie Collins who is still a pro bowl caliber line backer. Added to a core that has Hightower and Van Noy.
    Added Mike Pennel at DT.
    The secondary lost no one that shut down the Rams and Chargers. Chiefs for the better part of the 3.5 qts.
    Get 1st rd pick Wynn at lt to take over Trent Brown.
    The best group of rbs in the league.
    1st rd pick Harry, Edelman, Meyers and Harris. You are going to know these names soon enough.
    It’s not the name that counts when it comes to the Pats. People should know this by now. After 19 years.

    TTP NoHaxJustZac Reply

    @American Sports Fan you obv dont know football. Gronks stats were terrible last year. Chiefs arent hungry for revenge and how tf are they more talented? Where’s Kareem? I dont see him must be at a hotel… Texans and Steelers dont have the talent to beat the patriots lmao and colts run a fast paced offense now but we always slap the colts and that will never change. Browns have talent and I like where baker is going, but they are young. Chiefs are the only ones with any chance but they have Andy Reid whilst we have Bill. Nothing has changed and nothing will change

    American Sports Fan Reply

    TTP NoHaxJustZac

    Gronk still came in the clutch when it mattered (ignore miami miracle). The chiefs have a 3rd speedy reciever, a good RB core (not as great as kareem but good enough), a 4th underrated reciever who got injured last season, a new and improved defense. Chiefs have what it takes definantly and also why wouldn’t they be looking for revenge. I know i would be in that scenario. Also the pats played the texans and colts before they got HOT last season. The steelers did beat them last season.

    Oscar Morales Reply


MsBacon Bot Reply


kura kura Reply

Yes Lawd, on to 7th baby

Maximus Overdrive Reply

Plot Twist: **They Weren’t Ready**

I didn’t Drop a pass last year ! Reply

Yes sir…’s that time of the year again 🏈🙌🏿💯

--_ Reply

So sad i love this sport so much and i never play it since it doesn’t exist in my country

    michael thompson Reply

    What country you live in ?

    --_ Reply

    @michael thompson let’s say asia

xW_olfs Reply

Did I see Dalvin cook?

Whale Power Reply

Got me fr fr wanting to workout now

Joshua McQuarrie Reply

And of course even though the bears are also 100 years and they are starting the season, they aren’t even in this vid.

daniel Quiroga Reply

I see rams vs chiefs in the Superbowl 54 ,
After rams killed packers and eagles and chiefs killed pats and browns and jaguars

Rusty Shackelford Reply

Yes WE’RE ready too…

…and WE’RE literate!

Green Green Reply

This commercial would be great if they did the same thing but sang the National Anthem instead. ☺

Dr Phot Reply

Who would’ve thought this would be the song of American Football. Hope my man is getting paid big time.

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