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NFL Divisional Round Preview | Rotoworld Football Podcast | NBC Sports

The Rotoworld crew is here to tell you what the best fantasy plays are for this weekend's NFL Divisional Round. #NFL #Rotoworld #NBCSports

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NFL Divisional Round Preview | Rotoworld Football Podcast | NBC Sports


Forty Niners for the win


    looks like our WR are injured so yea, easy win.


    AmarNathan sorry he’s hurt. That sucks for anyone.


    @Lori yea hopefully they can be healthy by Saturday

Xou Moua

History repeat itself. 1987 every Experts on TV pick the Vikings to lose to the Saints and the went in and beat them. Same things with the 49ners….skollllll

John Powell


This guy just said kirk cousins is better than jimmy garrapalo?!


    Randy Duke

    How is Kirk better if Jimmy won more games? 😂


    Randy Duke playoff experience matters.

    Randy Duke

    RabidMNPanda Tell that to Ryan Tannehill.


    Randy Duke Ryan Tannehill has very little to do with the Titans winnings that game.


the fumbling one and done 40whiners getting exposed on Saturday

    rob suarez

    Bang bang niner gang!!

Zach Otting

Ill bet my life savings Vikings win

    Bobby Mira

    might wanna save those $5.00….

    Gucci Garrop

    Better find the nearest homeless shelter cuz you losing big time

    Sanda Christina Beach baarlaer fischer bauer me

    @Gucci Garropsameymomnasa


Lol he doesn’t think Staley could win a matchup vs Hunter/Griffen? Did he not see what he did to Clowney? 😂

    Bobby Mira

    Joe is back baby! he looked really agile in that game vs SEA. I’m pumped for Joe!!!!!!


These guys are terrible rule was a terrible overpaid hire.


Lmao these guys know nothing Staley and Mike will shut Hunter and Griffen down

    Susan P. Davis

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Bodymore Dummy

All the Ravens DB’s can tackle Humphrey,Smith.Thomas,Clark Peters is questionable but since he’s got to Bmore he’s been hitting throwing his body around

Matheus Coelho

get a beer!!!

Daniel Dutremble

Kirk cousins is horrendous…stop hyping cousins please. Please stop.

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