NFL 100 Super Bowl LIV Teaser | Hot Dog Cart – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kanai Sparks

That tackle had me weak 😂

    simeon thegoat


Lil Smith

aye that tackle bring out the hot dog cart

    Kristie L

    Lil Smith go Steelers

Cell Gaming

I feel like this is cheating…YouTube showing us commercials before the game 🤣

    Green Light Productions

    Cell Gaming lol

One of The People

A black man doing that on the streets of America would get him shot by the police. Not a realistic commercial at all. Oh wait, this is the NFL. They helped silence the grievances. Never mind. This is a great commercial.

Soda King

tis a shame in Ireland we can’t watch these commercials basically the channel that shows the Superbowl doesn’t show the commercials as well they just cut to a couple of ” experts ” discussing useless Sheit about the game we can watch the Halftime Show tho so that’s fun also my father hates not being able to see the commercials cause he lived in the US for 23 years for the Superbowl that’s almost half of the History right there + it starts really late for Europe 11:30 yea that’s right it will be well into 2am if not 3 am by the time it’s over gonna go to my dads place tomorrow and watch it there

Gavin Beck

It’s not a Super Bowl commercial if you just put it on YouTube the day before. I want to see it during the game not now

Sac Kings

Can Sherman get a commercial


No one really like Bunchie

James Taylor

What’s that kid name? I seen something on YouTube about him.

    Mike Dallas


    James Taylor

    @Mike Dallas yep thanks


Black kids have blonde hair now? Where they do that at?

Dead-End Productions [MTR]

Gonna miss the 100 logo. 😪😔

Splitz Cinematics

Why you do my homie like that

Sam Phan

who’s running the ball and who tackled him?

    Angel Cotto

    Sam Phan justin tuck he was a defensive coach end for the giants and was on the 2007 and 2011 superbowl teams look him up he’s pretty cool

Joshua Ferry

It’s great to see that the NFL is owned by Bloomberg. I won’t be watching.

Arenas V

Dude had Extra Relish on that One! 😂

Angel Cotto


Ishmael Nash

they literally put the whole commercial just in different videos

Johnny Tsunami

Damn I’m high as hell…. in the thumbnail I thought the kid was licking that old dudes hand 😂😂

    M rod

    Johnny Tsunami lmao what ! Lol nice name hahaha !!

    Johnny Tsunami

    M rod I see you’re a man of culture my brotha haha

    M rod

    Johnny Tsunami lol 90s baby my guy of course haha !

Marcus G


Brayden Young

Bruh is that little kid Bunchie Young? 😂😂

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