‘NFL 100 Greatest’ No. 47: Browns running back Jim Brown beats the Chicago Bears all on his own – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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jaidenxk Forbes Reply

Loooooool, them runs right there cause more black ppl to get hired in.the nfl lmao, steve harvey kills me

    Eli Madden Reply

    John Quest not racist just the truth everyone knows that now

    John Quest Reply

    @Eli Madden Wow, guess its ok if you do it! Got it πŸ‘ Double Standard

    Eli Madden Reply

    John Quest you mad because of the truth ? If it’s not name 10 fast defensive white players in the league I bet you can’t πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

    John Quest Reply

    @Eli Madden Man just admit your a rasict, there’s one on almost every team Ha. The fastest kid in college track is white too? Professional athletes are all at a high level of speed. You just keep being rasict and putting them down, and the”ll just keep proving ur dumbass wrong Lolololol. 😜

St Myles Reply

πŸ˜‚ Jim Brown always been my hero!

Mark Perron Reply

Number 47 out of the top 100. The man that generations have revered more than any other? Really, at 80 the guy walks into a building full of hall of famers and they all basically bow and show respect. You might want to rethink this a bit and throw out a lot of recency bias. There are very very few that should be in front of Jim Brown on this list.

    Robert Janko Reply

    to me he comes close to Muhammed Ali or George Foreman. I really hope, that he will be able to see us win at least the division!

    Sam Spicer Reply

    Mark Perron it’s the 47th best play ever, not best player ever.

    Mark Perron Reply

    @Sam Spicer- thanks for clarifying Sam I guess I read it incorrectly. Just want the old timers to get their due. Everyone these days discounts the players before the Super Bowl came around. I saw Jim Brown play live in Cleveland as a kid and he was unreal. I am a lifelong Browns fan that believes Barry Sanders was the greatest running back I ever watched, and Earl Campbell was the most powerful, but Jim was the most complete.

    Sam Spicer Reply

    Mark Perron absolutely! Trust me, if Jim Brown was ranked 47th the Browns fans would storm the streets! Lol.

Jay S Reply

#47?? No

John Quest Reply

Come on steve, what’s with the rasicts remarks??? Ahhhh πŸ˜’

    Cousin Chris Reply

    Racial remarks not racist. Huge difference bro

    John Quest Reply

    @Cousin Chris Really, come on. Ha, did you not hear what he said?There is a lot, of rasict remarks said about white athletes now. They just laugh and blow it off, people make jokes. Double standard

Rene Aguilar Reply

Mr. Jim Brown and the 1978 Browns are the reason why I am loyal to my Browns. My Jim Brown Jersey is my crown jewel of my collection and I only wear it on my birthday and Browns game day . Browns 24/7.

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