‘NFL 100 Greatest’ No. 25: Bo Jackson runs through tunnel after 91-yard TD | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

‘NFL 100 Greatest’ No. 25: Bo Jackson runs through tunnel after 91-yard TD | Raiders

Running back 's 91-yard against the Seattle on "Monday Night Football" in the 1987 season ranks No. 25 on the " Greatest" ranking of the top 100 plays ever.

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CashRules Jayyy

The great Bo💨! Raiderrssssssss🏴‍☠️☠☠

Heartofachild O.A.

Bo knows! the GOAT! Rn4L

William james

Everytime we start sucking again they pump the old videos out lol


    Like clock work 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    NO NAME 00110001001110010011100000110100

    They try to escape the dislike button. Because they feel no one would dislike legends.
    i say we do it anyways. let these paycheck collectors know where pissed off and make the remove the option to like or dislike. i noticed this as well.


This is when the Raiders were the Raaaaaidas. Great times

Erv Brown

bruh 9 rushes for 171 and a touchdown lmaoo create-a-player

Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights

Best Athlete Ever 💯

Douglas Morgan

Absolute legend


The person that just thumbs down on this video should be shot…….

Jackson 1060

Bo knows Raiders football!!!

Sumtingwong Richard

Make Raiders Great Again 🏈🤩

bill hawk

This was the Raiders now this Gruden is ruining this team

raider nation full moon records

Bo knows!!!!!!!RN4L!!!!!!!!


I know his career was short, but Bo Jackson belongs in the Football Hall Of Fame. He’s the best athlete to ever play the game.

Crashburn 32

I always ask NFL fans, “What RB would you take over Bo Jackson?” Tomlinson? Emmitt Smith? Sanders?
The truth is, Bo Jackson was other-worldly. He had a combo of size, agility, speed and heart never seen before and not seen since.

Charlie B

When Bo Jackson was hurt against Bengals and ended his career that is the worst sports moment I’ve ever seen, still depresses me to this day.

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