NFL 100 Fantennial Show from The Admiralty pub in London | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

NFL 100 Fantennial Show from The Admiralty pub in London | Raiders

The Raiders celebrated the NFL 100 Fantennial weekend at The Admiralty in London. JT The Brick and Neil Reynolds sat down with Raiders alumni George Atkinson, Mark van Eeghen, Jim Plunkett, Steve Wisniewski, Lincoln Kennedy and Marcel Reece to dive into the history of the Silver and Black.

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Byron Mendez Reply

Carr the weak link, you kno the drill. RNFL!!

    Keenan Mossiah Reply

    Byron Mendez it’s our wideouts before Carr

    Juan Paredes Reply

    Hello. If He Were The Weak Link. Then Those Catches By The TE’s And Others, Wouldn’t Happened. We Would Be The Fins West. ✌

    WiL Reply

    We dont need high flying game that the media want you to think we need. They winning in the trenches and thats what football is all about

raider nation full moon records Reply


Just _Ice Reply

Man I love George!! Always showing support for the team!!!

patrick lewallen Reply

Loved it!!! Everone had some whiskey in them. Lol.. change my mind.. RNFL

Jason Brown Reply

Silver and black baby. Las Vegas just got a historic sports team that has 3 super bowls. Any city out there would feel so lucky. LV is lucky

Allen Arroyo Reply

Idk why but the UK media really seem knowledgeable and engaged beyond the normal beat writer

Larry Briscoe Reply


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