New York Giants’ WR depth very thin after Golden Tate suspension | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

New York Giants’ WR depth very thin after Golden Tate suspension | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

With injuries to Sterling Shepard and Corey Coleman and the suspension of Golden Tate, the Giants' depth at wide receiver is being tested immediately. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #NewYorkGiants #SterlingShepard #GoldenTate #CoreyColeman
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New York Giants' WR depth very thin after Golden Tate suspension | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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Will TheSuperW Reply


Armari Cyprian Reply

Hopefully one of these guys breakout the same way OBJ did 🙏🏾

    ogo316 Reply

    @Armari Cyprian nope don’t think so. More run for saquan and 3 and outs for Eli

    Arthas Menethil Reply

    ogo316 going back to 1970’s football

    Jay Battz Reply

    Armari Cyprian it can be blessing by diguise…Tate dnt get wear and tear early…and others will have a chance to contribute by way of getting playing time against two rivals and get early jitters out…half glass full type…

    Jack Reply

    @Jay Battz I’m half full glass guy too but also a realist, the best thing that could happen to us is that Jones is not a dumpster fire and we win five games.

antmillner Reply

Booooooooo! Shoulda drafted haskins

Michael Trapp Reply

Sorry! Tate is a veteran. He should’ve known better.

Val Reply

Come on. The rule is perfectly clear. The player is fully responsible for what he puts in his body. No exceptions. If they let Tate slide, a whole bunch of other players are going to be taking the NFL to court for not allowing them the same.

    Jay Battz Reply

    Val Tate won’t win..the Giants knew but it helps preserve him for dwn the stretch if they make out 3-1/2-2…🤔🤔

Steve Martin Reply

The season hasn’t even started yet and their off to a BAD start. Just wait when they go 0 and 4 to start the season. The NY MEDIA is going to be calling out NAMES and JOBS.

    jon snipe Reply

    its not fair to ELI

    Jack Reply

    @jon snipe Eli has had so many opportunities and literally thrown all of them away because he is garbage. He hasn’t been above a replacement level quarterback since 2014.

jon snipe Reply

giants should sign T.O HE READY TO PLAY SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Norwall Music Reply

Love superb content like this! 👍

Benito Diaz Reply

Giants will start off 2-2.

Jack Reply

The thing that annoys me most about this is that the medical truth goes unchecked. Despite it being a fertility drug it will most certainly increase your levels of testosterone by a not insignificant sum, the same effect desired in more customary PED’s.

DigitalFish Clips Reply

Didn’t think that would be an issue? Dunno, maybe check with the boss to see if it’s cool to put ANY drugs in the body at this point? Maybe this is why he’s been trade bait his entire career.

Denny Roman Reply

tate should win appeal cuz y he has a good reason
even after 4 games they be fine when tate comes back

MrB0gart Reply

giants are not built on the pass anymore… they want to go back to won them superbowls… RUN… they spent the last 3 yrs to get a decent OLINE back… they got the best RUNNING BACK in the league… they want to own the clock and keep teams offense’s on the sideline and run over the defense….. with this type of play 2 receivers is all that’s needed to win a SUPERBOWL… and they got 3 TATE , SHEP AND EVAN….. get ready for the SHOCK of the nfl

UCanHandleTheTruth Reply

Tate was trying to have a baby it will be appealed Tate will be on the field start of the season the league is harsh at times

Christopher Strebeck Reply

Reggie white jr is gonna surprise people if he gets the pulling for the kid..hope he gets the chance to prove himself

Christopher Strebeck Reply

Its pro sports..they all taking drugs..why are grown men so ignorant to this?? LMBO!! Yall really think pro athletes dont take these things purposely..they all roided out lol

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