New York Giants vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 3 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Hunter Davis

Buccaneers 19 giants 17


For the first time ever i have to root for a bandwagon team cause this is bad and the jets are even worse. Hey bills fans you got room for one more?

Emmanuel Ogunyemi

Daniel Jones a new hope. #thank you Eli

    Alex Tyson


Sean Bozeman

Bucs 26
Giants 14


    Giants fan but this sounds about right

    Sean Bozeman

    TheRoguesource I just don’t know how good Daniel Jones is gonna be. Especially if Tampa plays like they did last week.

Cameron Briglin

Buccaneers win 30-10

Darkseid Lord Of Apokolips

Bucs- 27

S2K_ Blitz

Let’s be real here barkley is a waaaay better HB the CMC

    brenda pryce

    Yeah the bucs could limitedddd his production


    brenda pryce no team has done that yet I don’t think it’s gonna he the buccaneers

    Ron Class

    We know

    A A

    I BLEED GIANTS BLUE Why are you guys so bad then? Bucs are a top 3 run defense

Jags Nation

Buccaneers 30
Giants 28

    King Aki'L

    dream big

Corey Singletary

Bucs 38
NYG. 17


Tampa bay will win this game.

Chris William

If the bucs hold Barkley to atleast 65-75 yards this should put are defense on map

Andrew Nguyen

Bucs win 27-13

Stan ezen

0-2 Giants benches the Super Bowl winning manning brother and force Workhorse Barkley to continue to carry the team. Bucs coming off a long week of rest following there Thursday night win VS Carolina. My take?:


TreyJames 19

Buccaneers 28 Giants 17

James Johnson

Them score thought. Lmao. It willk be a kicking game. Also bucs to hold barely less then 100 yards. 16-6 bucs


our pass defense is horrible so if they decide to run more that’s actually a bad game plan and its gonna be close

i'm a cyber bully

Saquon Barkley is their only weapon. Therefore, the only thing the Bucs are going to try and defend

shawn bopko

They both suck the bucs have no offense eli isn’t playing


Lavonte David is going to welcome Jones to the league with a few big boy hits Sunday. #GoBucs!!!!

Curtis 23

Giants 17
Bucs 24

Barkley 2td 95yrds

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