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From The Stands

Cowboys: *signs Zeke to $100 million contract*

Giants: “Ight Imma head out”

    Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan

    Kev Uchiha u ain’t beating us,we blowing u out on Sunday.


    @From The Stands boy stfu you for sure didn’t make up this joke seeing as it isn’t even funny with out the meme, which where you saw it 😂🤣😂🤣😂

Cory Valencia

Can we all stop talking criticism and start talking some football. I’m a Cowboy’s fan and would like for them to win, but nothing is promised. Good luck to both teams and may the best team win! #GoCowboys

    Christopher Strebeck

    @Grant Green u take roids bro!!?? U jacked bro!!?? Calm down aren its just a man being respectful and polite!!

    Grant Green

    @Christopher Strebeck No I dont take roids I’m trolling but all of yall sound so pathetic everybody has respect but trying to call out people for hate that isnt there is the same mentality of people who want participation awards

    Khush Wadhwa

    If preseason is anything to go by, the Giants are going to absolutely roll the Cowboys

    Cory Valencia

    @Ian Jones It sure will be a showdown in the NFC East!

Kennedy Calderone

Lolol I was lost until he added “historically speaking” in there 😂

    Dak 4

    Kennedy Calderone same 😂😂😂

    Dave Rodriguez

    Since 1995 Giants 2 SB’s , Cowboys 3 playoff wins repeat after me: Cowboys O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D

Rich Hall

Gotta put my bias aside, cowboys will win, but the game will be closer than ppl think

    Joshua Holley

    Yep 35-10


    @Tyler Vance exactly

    Ian Jones

    @Joshua Holley god no

    Dallas Cowboys

    Not close, who tf eli throwing to? and our o-line healthy we about to dog them

David Edenbaum

Me: what 2 dominant in NFC east
Later me: oh historacalllyyy dominnaanntt

Edit: Hot Boyz

    Ray W

    I hear ya. Dallas hasnt been good since 1995.

    Philip DuBeau

    you getting dominated by hotboyz… pictures please….just keep it among yourselves.

    Jay Battz

    Cj Jundt one playoff win for Dallas since 2013 don’t qualify the gurls as a dominant team…but i guess division champs means feel good stories….🤫🤫🤫

Smart Blonde99

Hoping it will be a close game, like the one last year week 17 December 31. Dak’s 4th and 15 throw from the Giants 32. And Beasley’s catch was 👌🏻. Exciting game to watch with Cowboys winning 36-35

Harold Alexander

Zeke Elliot 4th quarter take over 😤

Erick Jabjulan

Let’s go BOYz.. Hot BoyZ on the way..


Lets go D-Line i need yall to bring it this week!!!! And make Eli Manning uncomfortable!!!!! Lets goooo!!!!!!!

    Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan

    DaGreat We getting the W regardless unless dak gets hurt or something,I think even with our backup Qb we will still win.

    Augustin Lopez

    @Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan yah cuz he sucks anyways if yall didnt have zeke yall would lose easily


    @Augustin Lopez The Cowboys were 3-3 in 2017 without Zeke, mind you 5 of those teams were teams that made the playoffs. They wouldn’t just get blown out by a 3-13 team because he wasn’t there. God do you people do any looking into things before you spew them?

J Fito

Giants fan here .. thats all I got.. idk whats gonna happen

    justsay GLEN

    I’m a bias giants fan so I think giants will win

    Leo Dancor

    @justsay GLEN I’m biased too and I still think they will lose.

    justsay GLEN

    @Leo Dancor don’t sleep on the giants this year. This team is better than last year’s team. Have faith my friend.

Daniel Rodriguez

🔥 Americas game of the week sponsored by Bud light 🍺 on Fox 1:25pm PST
Cowboys 24 Giants 14 💯

    Derrick Jones

    Daniel Rodriguez 23-20 Giants. Saquon goes for a buck fifty


Cowboys should win but divisional games are always tricky

crownedbobcat bobcat

Its a hard pick i would go for the cowboys but any thing could happen

D-TX Mex

Should be a good game giants wont go down easy but I feel Da Boyz will come out with the W due to their defense Zeke vs Barkley will be fun to see. Let’s Go Cowboy!!


Cowboys 31 Giants 24

Dallas Cowboys

Giants got 2 starting WRs with less than 200 yards and one TD each last season and a “# 1 WR” that never even had a 1K yard season, and they think they are going to win lol.


I’m just happy that football is back. But then again all my favorite sports/esports(2x the pain) team fails me when it matters every year. 🙁

Cade Haddon

If Dak can hit those receivers, Dallas will roll. Randall Cobb, Gallup, Cooper, Witten, Jarwin, Austin, Zeek out of the backfield. Lots of weopons there if Dak can hit em.

Benito Diaz

It’ll be a close game but I’m going with my g-men 21-17! Defense is the big question this year.



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