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Wrong Title New Orleans Saints vs. Green Bay Packers Week 3 Game Preview… Seahawks

    Jerry Pore Jr.

    clinical_being Thank you! I was about to tell them!

    Steve Abitante

    S E A T T L E


    clinical_being ? I don’t get it


    It said vs Green Bay at first. Looks like they fixed it

Noah Honeycutt

Whoever makes the title types it like sanic

Jerry Pore Jr.

Correction. Saints Vs Seahawks Preview. Not Packers.

Matthew Miller

I originally had the Saints winning this game. But with Brees out, all I can see is 3-0 for Seattle. No disrespect to Teddy Bridgewater, but he ain’t no Drew Brees.

    Janordan U

    How come you don’t watch Game Grumps anymore

    Step Pool

    Caleb Jackson
    Bengals always do good against us bud. And we couldn’t gameplays as they had a new coach

    Matthew Miller

    @Janordan U I do. I just don’t comment as much anymore. ^^

    Christian Reddish

    It doesn’t matter Teddy Bridgewater can win you never play for team but I do I play for kirk park colts and I’m not being disrespectful to Seattle Seahawk


    @Caleb Jackson Seahawks ALWAYS start slow under Pete Carroll. It always either 0-1 or 0-2 with the Seahawks and then after the first 3-4 games they get going and go on win streaks into the playoffs. Starting at 2-0 early on is a good sign that the Seahawks are having a good season.

zmon 8426

Seahawks win 23-10


You have Taysom Hill, WTF would you start Teddy ? Stooopid !


    Because he is Brees’ backup and Sean Payton wants more out of him.
    But I’m with you tho.
    I prefer Taysom but Payton knows best

Masseu Zhang

I thought I went to the wrong video when I read the title…😮


Seahawks 3-0 Saints
Seahawks 10-0 Saints
Seahawks 10-3 Saints
Seahawks 17-3 Saints
Seahawks 17-10 Saints
Seahawks 20-10 Saints
Seahawks 20-17 Saints
Seahawks 27-17 Saints
Seahawks 27-20 Saints

*Seahawks 27*
Saints 20

Joel Sathees

NFL Fix your title. SAINTS play the SEAHAWKS

Jonathan Watts

If the Saints had Brees it would be a different story, but the Seahawks will feast. Seattle wins 27-13

    Eugene Rollins

    Even with Brees the Seahawks would win


    Different story but still a loss 😉… Sorry about your QB though… Seriously 🙏😇


    Same story, but slightly less sad. The Saints never beat the Seahawks, give me a break.

    Rendell Bartholomew

    I concur sir. Will be an easy win for the Seahawks.

Cory Campbell

The Seattle Seahawks are on a roll now they beat Cincinnati and Pittsburgh but now a challenge for the New Orleans Saints and I know Drew Brees was injured from last week game against the my NFC West Rivals Los Angeles Rams

packing a woody

Saints roll with Hill we win, we got with Teddy we lose.

    Eugene Rollins

    Teddy give ya’ll the best chance. With hill he would show flashes

Jerry Junior

Saints 21 Hawks 34, but BEST of luck to the Saints

Stan ezen

2-0 Seahawks are playing great football. Saints just lost their supernova quarterback ahead of a packed schedule. My take?:



    I had the same score in mind

    Stan ezen

    Yeah man. Saints are a great team but their mojo will HAVE to be off without their supernova Brees. Seahawks have been killing it so far!!!

Daniel Coronado

31-28 Saints win

Young Nola

We don’t need officials to help us like da rams lol

Eli Torres

Yeah, Seattle can win this game, with Bridgewater not being a very huge threat like Brees and they’re playing at CenturyLink.

Kris Gordon

Seattle: Balance the run game and pass game, O-Line needs to play good, cut down the penalties, and keep the secondary going strong. Plus Eli Apple blowing every coverage in sight
Saints: Bridgewater, Kamara, Saints O-Line that looked bad against Rams, and the secondary.

Bilbo Swaggens

I got Seahawks winning but I honestly wont be surprised if the Saints pull it off.

Barry Burac

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