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FakeUser NameTwo

Saint bouta go bounty gate again for payback

    Daniel Coronado

    Blewdat nation

    Daniel Coronado

    @Joshua Sanchez your mom should have swallowed you. But I bet she sucks good hahahahaha

    Joshua Sanchez

    @Daniel Coronado bounty gate wooohoooo!!!!!!!

    Kendall Charles

    You are stupid!


Saints fan here. We’re still without rankins, but i think it should be a close game regardless. I could see this one going either way.

    Caleb Jackson

    Matt we do get Onyemata back tho which our DTs were a huge L in week 1

    Leonard jeremy

    That’s about the only way it can go
    Either way
    Rams 🏠

    Israel Doe

    @B Razy average defense? Saint’s defense was the number 1 defense last season since that week one game. if it wasn’t for that week one game they would have had finished of top 3 defense. Had the best run defense the entire season til the last week and they came in second by 4 yards. Don’t sound like a average defense to me not to mention they was in the top 3 in turnvers I think.

    Jake Taylor

    @Gabriel Cleene really dude? Coming from a Rams fan?😂 I have never once seen a classy Rams fan ever since they moved back to LA.


    I’m not feeling too confident in this game. I know we can beat them, but we never play as good on the road. I feel like if we win, it’s because the saints have something to prove. I know Brees can be more consistent than Goff in games and that’s what we’re going to need. If we stop the running game, we’ll win, if we don’t, Brees will need an mvp type game. Multiple touchdowns no interceptions

Shenanigans Nuts

Saints comin for blood this game.


    @S. California King talk when you get fans

    S. California King

    ​@Kavron theyre giving out boxes of tissues at the coliseum this week. I’m sure you’ll be first in line


    @S. California King wont need em when we’re torching that pathetic defense, you’re lucky cause your offense have front row seats!

    TreyJames 19

    Good they need to because they got robbed of a superbowl appearance and the rams benefited from the refs in that game

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Game of the week

41-40 Saints


    Tastyquicksand – #DailyNFLVideos You…. I like you.


    Kavron more like the worse, who goes for a division rival??

    Aaron Harper

    Justoo it’s the Bucs man, cut him some slack

    Dihaf Dihaf

    @Kavron lol

    Random Polish guy

    NOS ayyyyyyyyyyy what up u ready to see our team sacrifice the lambs in the colosseum?


This is going to be a good game!

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Can’t believe this isn’t a primetime game. It’s going to be one of the most physical games ever.

    I take walls bitch

    Anthony DePaola My god what an awful choice for a MNF game. Two trashy teams 🤦‍♂️ this should be the MNF game

    I take walls bitch

    djCatScanRL Who dat baby let’s go

    I take walls bitch

    Eugene Rollins Good lucky Sunday brotha gonna be a dog fight 👍 between two of the top teams in the league


    @Leonard jeremy they’re going to play again in the playoffs. there’s no doubt about that. Hopefully it’ll be in New Orleans again with the Saints being the number one seed.


    It is a primetime game

Jackie Tan

Rams year round 💯

Matthew Miller

Saints want this one more than any other game this season (not including playoffs), and for that reason, I think they’ll win this game.

    Leonard jeremy

    Cry baby aints 😆


    Somebody be watching shark tank…lol… be ready not shocked…

    Mcdonalds Worker but im with your sister

    The Rams won ON THE ROAD with Goff and Donald having an off day. They’re an all round tough team

    Daniel Coronado

    Your delusional

Ian Toonice

LA baby 👍🏽

TruthBeTold Thailand

Rams gotta be at they’re best, Gurley must start off fast. Fowler needs to put a hit on brees, pray weddle is in and at 100%


    @Jason YT u salty lol. They were trailing by ten all game until the fourth quarter when McCaffrey got majority of his yards in garbage time lol. You all almost lost to the Texans too. Panthers r way better than Texans and honestly might be amost as good as y’all if cam Newton would bomb it down the field. Lol.


It’s gonna be an game for sure

Vonte Ross

Pulling for the Rams in this one

    Stan ezen

    GO RAMS!!!

Phillip Bergeron

pass rush? Ask JJ Watt if that worked out for him?!?


    Israel Doe haha you best bring dat ski mask and a phone for a no call because saints are not beating the mob

    Joshua Amato

    Akhmed Lutfiyev when was the last time clay mathews was relevant????


    Joshua Amato last year becasue he got roughing the passer calls so he got some sacks called back…..
    Now clay is on a glory team
    Saints line can not block aaron and clay all game!

    Even if they do that just opens up for the rest of the rams defense

    asdf asdf

    Literally double teamed JJ watt every play

    Bobino Lost

    Double team AD like Carolina did and Fowler is gotta get to Brees

Ricky Fuller

I got NO-23
LA Rams-30
Defensive line for the rams play a big part in the victory 💯

    Stan ezen

    NO 31

CeCe Williams

Saints Fans Can yall say R-E-V-E-N-G-E!!! Lets Get this W lol #WHO DAT!!!

    Leonard jeremy

    Who Duh 😆
    Loser cry babies

    The American

    Even if they win, it wouldn’t be revenge. A week two loss is nothing compared to a Conference Championship loss

Gold Standard

The Rams are gonna be winning a lot of games over the next 5 years.

C Tk

Saints better not cry again this time 🧂 🧂

Daniel Coronado

Blewdat nation about to pull out a box of tissues for this game. Hahaha

Stan ezen

NFC Championship REMATCH!!! Saints hungry for playoff revenge after a last second win Monday night against Houston. Rams ready to defend their West Coast Fortress from any n’oer do wells. My take?




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