New Orleans Saints vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Week 6 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

I wanna see da game fr fr

Girth Man

Gee I wonder who will win this one.

    Elena's Dad

    @The Saint’s Pigeon Stop self-projecting

    Elena's Dad

    @Ike Williams *saints are

    Go Blue

    Elena’s Dad HAHAHAH this conversation is over🤣🤣

    Elena's Dad

    @Go Blue Just like the saints winning streak on Sunday

    Go Blue

    Elena’s Dad i cant wait to come back to this comment

Stan ezen

I’m a falcons fan but come on it’s the saints. And the jags. The Mustache Marauder wants to claim a W but is it possible against saints? My take?;


    Nathan Corless

    if ramsey plays it will be closer

    Elena's Dad

    You are in for the biggest L of you life lol


underdogs yet again. Keep picking against us. The jags beat the BRONCOS and the TITANS. 2 pathetic teams. The saints have beaten Seattle, Dallas and Tampa. Gimme the saints here.

    Crimson Blaze

    Don’t forget the Texans


    jags were literally like 7 inches away from beating the texans

    Equality for All

    Keyron This game is going to be close, I’m inclined to say the Saints will win but the game is in Jacksonville and anything can happen. I’d readily pick the Saints if they were playing in the dome.


    @Equality for All it will be close. I say 14-10

    Equality for All

    Keyron Fair enough, you may well be right but mark my words each team with have at least 20 points a piece.

Rendell Bartholomew

I absolutely love thumbing down the NFL and their perpetual lies. Straight garbage.

whodat Nola

This would be a good game whodat

Fortnite God JP

I got 17-28 saints winning with Alvin Kamara having a 120 yard game, and teddy having a near 200 game with 2 touchdowns and a pick, I feel like minshew magic will step back a little… the saints d is too good

Jaelun Scott

Saints 23-0, saints first shutout of the season, fournette gone have a long day against that saints dline


    Jaelun Scott I feel a shutout too

    Elena's Dad

    You saints fans are in for a rude awakening

    Jaelun Scott

    Elena’s Dad I still respect y’all defense that’s why I got us scoring 23points

Equality for All

I got 31-28 Saints. Jags fan here from Belfast but until Jacksonville can play defense against the run I’m skeptical to pick them to beat the Saints.

abdul rashid

This is Going to be another SAINTS season Test! SAINTS put the squeeze on JAGS, and BEARS in their next two games. SAINTS winning by 14 points in each game. SAINTS 6-1 shocker! 💣💥🏈🖤💛 “WHATT’S DAT!”

jake scott

NO 24 JAX 16


Going up against the legend Gardner Minshew but I have faith in Teddy B. Saints win 24-21

Thomas Crown

Can’t guard Mike! Michael Thomas is the man!!!


    Thomas Crown jalens back 🤣

    B Wheels

    AJtheDB what’s your point


    B Wheels someones getting clamped bum

Hunter Davis

Saints 30 jaguars 14

    Elena's Dad

    No way in hell Minshew only scores 14

    B Wheels

    Elena’s Dad who?

Kendall Charles

Saints will win!!!!

Big horror fan

Saints gonna get the w

zmon 8426

Saints win 28-24

Jerry Pore Jr.

Saints go 5-1 this Sunday!!!!

Jacque Cormier

MJD can’t help but be a homer can he? Saints are clearly the better team here. 31-14 Saints.

Clark Townsend

Maurice Jones Drew hates NO so much its like why even get his opinion, he never picks them to win.

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