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Cohen Edley Shorts

Finally a Thursday night football game I don’t have to cry in pain about

    László Németh

    this was also a pretty shitty game. highlight is Dalton throwing pick6s like no tomorrow, then garbage time.

    Lil Savage

    When in all reality it was the worst TNF game of the season. Scoring points doesn’t make a game good, a close competitive game is what makes a game good. If you want to see a bunch of idiots scoring points watch college football. REAL football fans like defense and close games.


    @Lil Savage stop spamming

    Tanner Edge

    D Hop didn’t do jack yet. He needs to get back into rhythm.

    brarson hurd

    Well i am

Lord Gen

Andy Dalton already has more touchdown passes to Cardinals players than Kyler Murray today.

    Jay Els

    @Cedric Perry pass was late and behind

    Random Gamer 56

    @Joey Trujillo you also have to keep in mind that he was being hit during half those hits

    Tyler M

    first one wasn’t really on him, but still funny

    Lee McIntyre

    😂 I know Right! 😂


    @matt burgoyne He would definitely score lol. He was throwing good short passes all day

Charlie D

Huge win for the cardinals!!

vRain NF

For all the NFL fans y’all are welcome here is a well deserved 76 point game on a Thursday


    @Otis Banana Nut Spunkmeyer Cardinals own niners… blew them out with BACKUPS

    Eddie Jackson

    @vRain NF lmfaooo facts

    Otis Banana Nut Spunkmeyer

    @Failure boy when was this? Last year?
    Cardinals RECENTLY got blown out by the Seahawks…the Seahawks

    Lil Savage

    @Failure don’t even like the rams. 😂 Copy/paste was invented for a reason rookie, not going to say the exact same thing to 20 idiots who need to hear it.


    wym ya’ll are welcome? you didn’t suit up 😂

Thomas Sankara

Congratulations to the cardinals for winning their 1st home game since October 24th, 2021.


    @Thomas Sankara Probably. Cardinals were missing half their o-line, their best wr, and their kicker… Healthy cardinals would beat the eagles.


    @CJ FR

    Thomas Sankara

    @Failure Eagles also played the worst game of their season that night and stil won. Our 2 OL Dickerson and Kelce got hurt that game. Eagles are the best Bird in the NFL rn.

    samuel clark

    It’s actually September 19th 2021 Vikings game

    tristian Heidcamp

    Thanks happy after the hell has ended

Double T

After the last 2 tortures on Thursday Night Football, everyone deserved a high scoring affair like this one was.


    Thursday night football has sucked all year. No one wants Amazon Prime just to watch an NFL game.


    @Lil Savage what are you on bro? Bro is DEF a saints fan LMAO


    @Ian fr fr

    Lil Savage

    @Failure say what? Lmao I hate the saints. I just like good football.

Gene M

Dalton was a good back up QB, For the cardinals tonight!

    Otis Banana Nut Spunkmeyer

    @Jed Steelwell Then he should’ve been still signed to Dallas if he was that good.. I don’t even know why he’s starting anyway?

    Jed Steelwell

    @Otis Banana Nut Spunkmeyer I’m not sure why he’s starting but as a back up you can’t really ask for better! He left Dallas because the bears gave him a chance to start but he got injured! Don’t forget he’s a two time pro bowler. His days as a starter are over but he’s top 3 as far as back ups go.


    right. those 2 pick 6’s in less than a minute made him so good. dude is trash.

    Jay Els

    @Pierre Causemybladderisempty yac yards. And garbage yards. Dalton ain’t it. He had a good opening td and fell apart after that. White had a great run and instead of getting kamara a td they got dalton n hill an easy one.

Jubei Gore

Best Thursday night game so far!
…. which isn’t saying much

    Van Jon

    Last fight


    Why do people like watching boring slug fest with bad offense and mediocre defense portrayed as great ones


2 weeks of sloppy seconds we finally got a real TNF that don’t put people to sleep

    Van Jon

    Last fight


    Here comes the people saying high scoring games are bad because they won’t to see a game end in 6-3

    Brian Kasnick

    Except it sounded like it was putting Al Michaels to sleep

Chesscom Support

The Saints are lucky to have a backup QB who can play just like their starter.


    @Geo_trunks Has everyone forgotten what happened the last time that happened? I’d still hold Jameis amd look for a true started in the next Draft to develop

    Kani ridgeway

    @Geo_trunks this isn’t the time to be waiting tho teams are tryna win superbowls

    Damnit Eddie


    Nick Dare

    Coming from a saints fan that’s a good point and burn 🤣🤣🤣🤷🏿‍♂️


    They should move overseas to Rhein, Germany

Ryan Barrett

I was going for the Cardinals. But as a Bengals fan I also wanted a good night for Andy Dalton.
In some ways…. it was not. But look at it this way- Danton threw three interceptions (two returned for a touchdown) which helped the Cardinals put up forty-two points, and he *still* landed four touchdowns while keeping the Saints in it right until the end.

Animal Channel

Finally an exciting Thursday game not dominated by field goals. We appreciate yalls’ effort 💪


    Dalton threw you two pick 6’s in like 30 seconds. Not really an effort, it was a gift. You are welcome.


    @Van Jon RT we wawa RSS w😮

    Isaac Fontes

    @RoLlinstone Moula the game we won wtf u talking about chump

    Isaac Fontes

    @RoLlinstone Moula gtfoh

    RoLlinstone Moula

    @Isaac Fontes .. FOH Hata..😎

Ricardo Falkenberg

As a Cardinals fan im happy to see hopkins back on the field + First exciting Game this season 🎉

    Van Jon

    Last fight

    Xavier S. Nunez

    The game against the raiders was exciting


Cardinals really needed this win. Cardinals defense with the two pick 6 touchdowns really came up big.

    Danielle johnson

    One was a drop. Other…don’t know where Dalton was going lol

    Maqsud Latif

    @Zegobot 4 TDs is pretty good I would say 🤷

    Cameron Fowler

    They also almost choked the lead. They’re lucky Kyler is genius in the play clock

    vince11baller harris

    @AHampsterPig I mean one of those wasn’t his fault

    Hai Boai

    Last fight


Saints offense was clearly in control, and the momentum shifted so fast with those back to back pick 6s before the half.

    J o l l y G r a p e f r u i t


    rory joey

    Nah, saints are just bad.


    @rory joey Cardinals trash dawg. You should stop being a fan. You gone lose Kyler and Kliff because they both act like children😂

    rory joey

    @Rae saints trash holmes. Just let it go 🤣


Finally a high scoring game with entertaining plays. Hope it’s like this on Monday too.

    unusual username

    Unexpected. Especially when the teams are 4 and 8 between the two of them.

    Hai Boai

    Last fight


Listen to the pure happiness in Al Michaels’ voice when he finally gets to call at TD in a TNF!


This Saints season makes what Payton did last season look even more impressive.


    @Suns23champs don’t think their work ethics would be a good match. Payton being a savant needs a true student of the game qb to really jell


    @Majin why because kyler isn’t white lol student of the game tf

    Aug HBAR

    @Femto he coached teddy and jameis

    Hai Boai

    Last fight


    @Femto 1 thing I can always count on in the YouTube comments section, is atleast 1 person will always bring up race.


Glad to see ⚜Kevin White on the field having that 64 yard run. Cardinals looked different/good tonight.


That Eno Benjamin is one heck of a running back. He wiggled through holes you wouldn’t think a feather could squeeze through.

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