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This is going to be a bloodbath.

    exoticgamer gamer1219 yt

    Score 59-3

    Anuj Peri

    Biznus 70-6

    America Reigns

    Fish blood.

    Patriots 98
    Dolphins 3

    America Reigns

    @richforeverken ! at halftime

    America Reigns

    @Anuj Peri at the half

Daniel Hardeman

42-14 Patriots over Dolphins


See the problem New England, is that the legend of Fitzmagic was born against you and it certainly isn’t going to die against you

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Howard VS Brown

Matchup of the week!

    Jonah Rehel

    Im think edelman vs lbs or 3rd string cbs all night over the middle, because they will cover brown and gordon well and leave the middle open

    Scream Bloody Gore #DeathMetal

    Antonio Brown might not even play a game with the Patriots

Sway Vee6

This is a completely different and far inferior dolphins team the patriots will win 34 – 14


Dolphins are a disaster and the Pats will want revenge for that dumb miami miracle last year. The joke of not winning in miami has gotten to them. Enough is enough. After they dismantled the steelers there’s no reason this team shouldn’t destroy the dolphins…..

UNLESS Brian Flores has some knowledge into how Bill will play the team. Last year we saw Patricia and Vrabel win games everyone thought the Pats would win. Gonna be tough if he figures out the scheme. But talent should win the day. Goin with Pats here


    Dolphins are tanking for Tua, and Flores is lying if he says that the Dolphins are trying to win

    Buck Beak

    yeah the Dolphins might be tanking but this is their Superbowl the Dolphins want this win despite tanking

    RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound

    L yall suck

Anthony DePaola

This is gonna be such a slaughter.

Mike Pelligrino

The Pats cant get pumped for the Fins games. They get pumped for KC, Pitt etc


Ravens fans are gonna be all over this if the dolphins win.

    Blade Brown, Blocked By URL

    I won’t be the first, but I’ll be in the top 100 to talk reckless in the comments to the Patriots fans πŸ˜‚

    jhedane walters


    America Reigns

    Dont worry. Dolphins lose by 60-80 points this game.


    Miami is 5 for 6 at home vs Patriots. I think they got this


People said the dolphins are worse then a high school football team so there is no way the pats lose to them.

    Day Be Trippin

    @KeepingItReal it’s different with divisional games bro. Brady once threw 6 TDs in one half against Miami


    @Day Be Trippin I know what you mean but you can’t have it both ways. They can’t be a jv team one week and a competitive nfl team the next.

    Thomas Urech

    The Ravens could put up 300 points against a JV team if they go all out. Maybe the Dolphins are comparable to Clemson or Alabama.

    America Reigns

    Worse than a pop warner team.

    America Reigns

    @KeepingItReal he will. Brady likely will throw 10-12 td passes.


I predict The patriots will have a miracle against miami lol

mis comentarios

I canΒ΄t see how Miami could win this one…Anyway PHINS UP!!

California Dreaming

I looked at the spread, in Miami, and the Patriots are favored by 19. Is that a record? Is this a college game? Good Lord!

Lovesick Jay

please let them skip this game 😭


“why do you care about the dolphin?….Do you know him?…Does he call you at home!!”

    Justin l

    And you can quote him!

Jake Wilson

Patriots 38 Dolphins 13!!! Let’s go Patriots!!! I love New England!!! Go TB 12 Go!!! I love Tom Brady!!!

Sleepy Head

Dolphins for the upset 37-34. It’s going to be a Fitzmagic type of day. Pats always struggles against Dolphins no matter how bad they are of a team.

    America Reigns


Jason Wu

Upset dolphins 27 patriots 21 OT


I would not be surprised if it’s closer than they think. In division games, man. There’s something special about them.

Angry Dolphin

“Hey Brian, thanks! I couldn’t have done it without you.” – Tom

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