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They call it the 8 year resurgence. 2003 Buffalo beat New England at home
2011 Buffalo Beat New England at home
2019 _________________

    Nerd 0208

    I hadn’t even thought about that. That’s makes me feel a bit better actually.


    @Nerd 0208 When you have to rely on superstition… you know you’re in trouble…


    brady vs bills
    13x sweeps, 3x splits
    a bills w would snap a 7 win streak

    nuff said


    2019——-Bills beat New england at home and at New england.

Linkz GP

Pats defense giving up their first TD since 2018 AFC championship game

    Mr. Sinister

    Probably but it was bound to happen sooner or later.

    Josh Dupee

    Linkz GP to who?

    Coolio D

    @Josh Dupee to the Bills obviously

Fingering Things

I will eat my socks if the Bills win

    Rodger Morrison

    @FREE TayK so are u

    Rodger Morrison

    @Justin McNeil none and if they lose all we will hear is excuses .

    FREE TayK

    @Rodger Morrison Ok Rodger😂

    Aaron Mattison

    @Justin McNeil They’re Boston trash. What can you expect from people that can’t even speak their own language properly?

    Asteroid 2020

    Fingering Things I’ve already claimed I’d eat my shorts if the Bills win. It’d be nice if buffalo could pull it off, but they’re not there yet. Patriots 17-9

It Wasn't Me

Bills pullin off the upset
Nobody changin my mind they’re hungry to best the Patriots


    Peter Martillotta your secondary is not as good as the pats let alone how our offense is far better. 31-21 pats win

    T Wik

    Patriots don’t belong in the NFL!

    Coolio D

    @777zippy777 Brady has more picks against the Bill’s defense than TDs the past 3-4yrs. Brady doesn’t destroy the Bills defense, and usually the Bills shoot themselves in the foot on offense


    @Coolio D Ah, but how many TD DRIVES does Brady have compared to INTs? It’s not all about TD passes when RBs are scoring from the goal line.

    And yes, opponents shooting themselves in the foot– that’s something else the Pats do so well. They focus more on an opponent’s weakness than they do their own team’s strengths.

American Patriot

Undefeated Bills taking on the unstoppable Patriots this week as well as the undefeated Lions taking on the unstoppable Chiefs.



    Brandon Lawson well have they been defeated?

    Human 8845

    American Patriot I don’t really find tied as undefeated

    Mike Keller

    the bills were undefeated in the preseason too, so techically 7-0

    David Johnston

    @Brandon Lawson should not, but its still applied because there are zero losses smart one.


I might look stupid on Sunday but I think we have a shot! Josh Allen will shock the pats defense, though he needs to cut down on the bad decisions. This defense could give Tom some trouble. They say that the Bills have faced bad teams because they have a combined record of 1-8, but the pats are getting all this hype while beating teams with no wins between the three. This bills team could be in the hunt come December.

    joey per0976

    @JaiczZ yea i agree. They should make the playoffs this yr

    Storm Raider

    The difference is, the Patriots are destroying their bad opponents while the Bills are struggling to beat them.

    T Wik


    Hard Work1994

    Not stupid at all
    McD has shut Brady down last year we just couldn’t move the ball down the feild
    Our offense has been moving the ball this year
    And the pats o line is banged up no AB, Edelman is very banged up their FB is out
    I don’t think we will win but they are VERY beatable

    Hard Work1994

    Naz TBE the jets were 100% healthy when we played them and they are a good team
    We got some very unlucky turnovers in the game but all 4 quarters we were dominating them
    Cincy is not a bad team either

    The pats haven’t played anyone Good either
    And the jets team they played was a shell of the team we played

    So tired of hearing that lazy go to narrative as if it’s our fault who we played

    Btw if we were a bad team as we’ve been in the past, we wouldn’t of won all three of those games either

Stan ezen

3-0 rivals out for Bl’ood!! 🚨UPSET ALERT!!!!!!


    Asteroid 2020

    I don’t see either team with more than 20 points


    That will not happen.

Nerd 0208

Regardless of the winner, this will be a good game.

    Josh Dupee

    Nerd 0208 no it wont


    Mike Callan historically, this game marks the rise of a team like the bills trying to beat the pats that sooner or later will not be the best


    Mike Callan objectively, this game is two top 10 teams playing each other so I have no idea what you ment by that


    Mike Callan and logically, how could you consider this a bad game? Did you even watch the video? Two top 10 teams facing off won’t be a bad game regardless of what teams they are

    george bush 69


michael Castle

This time around we can’t take the Bill’s Mafia lightly…..


    Ya herrrd #BillsMafia

Hank Jr

As a Bills fan all I can hope for is seeing our team hang with the Pats. Even if we lose, if our offense can go toe to toe and not get blown out I’ll be happy. Allen has made great progress and the Patriots will be a true test of just how far he’s come. If we somehow win, I don’t know if my heart can take that much excitement. If I die because the Bills bear the Pats I wouldn’t even be mad lol. 😂

    Why So Serious

    Facts I just wanna know if we can compete

    David Johnston

    I think patriots will win, but as long as Allen doesn’t throw interceptions or you guys dont have to punt too much then it could be a very good game.

The Way

Hopefully Singletary plays. He is a dynamic player..

Go Bills.

Valravn Xiii

GO BILLS, Us up staters need a good win.

dankey dolphin

This game will decide if the bills are really a good team or if they are just pulling a 2018 dolphins


Tom Brady better get that sleep number bed ASAP.


buffalo gonna win Dan Mitchell said so

balmore hernandez

The only chance for Bill’s to win is their defense keep my Pat’s under 20 n they could win


Both the Pats and Bills played some lousy teams in the first 3 weeks.
Bills did enough to win those games, the Pats however destroyed Miami, Steelers and Jets.

Patriots 30 Bills 9


The fuckibg easiest schedule in the league

bull moose

You can’t win if you can’t score. This was a team shut out at halftime against the Jets.
Final score


How many times has Brady lost to the Bills in his career?? 😂😂

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