Neville Gallimore: “Treating Me Like a Little Brother” | Dallas Cowboys 2020 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Neville Gallimore: “Treating Me Like a Little Brother” | Dallas Cowboys 2020

Rookie DT Neville Gallimore talks about some of the lessons he learned from for DT Gerald McCoy in their time spent together, transitioning from college to the pros and more.#DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #NFL

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Tommie Jenkins Reply

He’s a beast

Muhammad Siddiqui Reply

if he shows up that’ll be big

JRock Ofages Reply

Love that he gets that being an NFL player is a privilege and not a right. I became a fan right then. Respect for this young man.

    Brandon raven Reply

    A lot of rookies have this mentality , we’ll see how he is in a few years once he starts to make a name for himself. But he seems hungry to be the best he can be



*CowboyExecution* Reply

He looks like a grown man already

    Phil Barret Reply

    Lol cuz he is a grown man

    *CowboyExecution* Reply

    @Phil Barret For a rookie😎😎😎

    Brian Daniel Reply

    He is 😂

    T Brown Reply

    You’d never know he’s 10- going on a 11

    Chooseeazy Reply

    its the nfl bro

S. Sloan Reply

GK gone get em correct 2 cause hes a sooner boy.

Jesse Bugarin Reply

Can we see reggie robinson

    Cameron Goodman Reply

    Thank you. I feel like he’s a young Corner that you can pair with Trevon Diggs to be part of our secondary future.


We have some great coaches and some great guys on this team.

Kenny Washington Reply

Seems like a humble well spoken young man 👊🏽💯 I wish him nothing but success

Tha One Reply

Good young talent for us and humble that’s a good thing learn from the older guys

Jimmy Rudd Reply

I like this young guy he has class

Daniel Casares Reply

Love this interview 👌🏻

Susy Jimmy Torres Reply

Can you spell Sack’s!?!? Let’s get it!!!🔥🔥

Justin Johnson Reply

Go get them Gallomore!

Double Tap Reply

I hope this guy proves he’s ready to be in the starting line-up 2021

M. Hughes Reply

Lil bro has future. Man has humility, character, he has sn extremely tough job ahead. Trust the Lord he will direct your paths. Hang in.

Troy Mendes Reply

Big up Jamaican youngsta!

Rochon George Reply

Please stop asking about the Jeopardy game…GEEZ!!

Adam P Reply

Anyone else notice the same girl ask the same Jeopardy question every interview 😂

    Juan Hermosillo Reply


Turppa21 Reply

This dude is doin the right things! You put that w his natural talent watch tf out.

WhozSolo Reply

Y’all can’t tell me he don’t look like Leland from RDC.

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