Nelson Agholor & Robert Irvine Prepare a Chilaquiles Stack | Bites with Birds – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Dbz Lover

Aye Nelly

Frankie Torres 13

Back at it again.
Cooking up some more Touchdowns.

Alex Joseph

Damn, i was in bed but now I got to go cook something


lol so cheesy, love it.

iDrip2 22

no wonder he drop those balls his hands were greasy

    Simi 615

    That just sounded so wrong! Lol!

    iDrip2 22

    @Simi 615 oh wait pause πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    iDrip2 22

    The real reason he dropped it was that being #1 stress

    R- Sunday


Fiat Voluntas Tua

When was this filmed? I seriously hope it was months ago. Instead of gettin your Iron Chef on? Maybe some catching drills, perhaps?

    yung zack

    stfu. these dudes are allowed to have free time. they sacrifice their bodies for your enjoyment while you sit at home typing nonsense on your couch.


    Agholor is garbage

    Chris Cobach

    busterthe2 then what does that make you? An inbred basement dwelling jerkoff.


These are not chilaquiles. This is layered tostadas.


    Shhhhh they dont know any better. After all, all that matters is the taste.

Ray T

Instead of cooking you need to be at practice catching the football.

    yung zack


The Frob22

Don’t care what any of you say, Nelly is the man!! Love you #13!!

    Chris Cobach

    jakegetscake would you re negotiate your contract at Taco Bell? you smelly turd.


At least he didn’t drop the food. Jk i love Nele


This dude is weird and seems like he is trying to Agalor on a date!… it’s weird


Can you cook something German next time

Emmet Fanatic 2019

I love it

David Mossop

It’s like a lil cooking show. Love it would totally watch this more.

Alfonso s

I learned that coke thing from a carnitas spot in Tijuana


In before crappy dropped catch Jokes!
Nevermind, there are 4…

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