Ndamukong Suh on Scoring Touchdown Against LA | Bucs vs. Rams Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


    Killer Demon!

    Whats that mean? Your not impressed by suh scoring the game winning touchdown?


    @Killer Demon! No i just typed something random to be first

    King Bucs

    @Killer Demon! it really wasn’t game winning we were already up 8 but it put the icing on the cake

    Killer Demon!

    @King Bucs indeed go bucs!

    King Bucs

    @Killer Demon! yea let’s go ☠☠


Keep doing what you do

Fernando Vergara

What a great win! Keep it up boys

Rico Tha Artist

Miami misses you Suh

Matthew Williams

Can’t wait to see jpp back with these dudes it gonna be like 🤪Go Bucs!!!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrh


    Matthew Williams If we can get enough cap and he plays well when he comes back I think we could resign him but I doubt it

    Nate Pitts

    Ummm, for like 6-8 games. Then he’ll be a FA.

    Nate Pitts

    Bucs won’t resign him. Promise you that.


Suh seems like an intelligent sociopath. Like he could snap at any moment and reveal his true self to you if you crossed him the wrong way.


    That’s what I’m hoping he does every single down.

    Antony Brown

    What do you mean reveal himself?? Is he a criminal or something idk??


    @Antony Brown He’s done some shady stuff but who cares we want playoffs.

Jeremy G

I’m surprised, not what I expected


    Same, don’t think anyone reasonably could’ve have seen this coming, even with how lackluster the Rams had been coming into the game. But I’ll take this W any day of the week.

Victory Asher

Wow…sayin all the right things. Very different character from how the media described him in the past. Cool!

The2ndHoles MyBackyard33

So glad we have a veteran leader like Suh on that d line in those meeting rooms, its big for the youngsta’s…

Edward Kitchens

Great answer they thought he was going. To be bragging about The Td but he Gave Glory to the Defense as a whole if they stay together with no injuries On D we going to be Strong. 💪

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