Nathaniel Hackett: ‘We’re going to look for some continuity’ on the offensive line – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Shel rae Moore

Trust is a Must. Teamwork builds


I always laugh reading comments from people who dont understand football. If it was so easy to learn a new offense with new HC, OC,QB, all you complainers would be out there but youre not! lmao


    These fans flip flop bro lol they want everything to be perfect like these aren’t pros trying to figure it out together smh.

    Jess Tiss

    I totally agree with you but, to be fair, some of the mistakes we’ve seen in recent years (like in the last minute of the Seattle game this year 🤦🏼‍♂️) are things Broncos Country knew in real time and was inexcusable. Thankfully that stuff seems to be getting a little better. It will take time but the fans can’t be smarter than the head coach lol
    DB4L 🔹🔶🏆🏆🏆🔷🔸

    Adam R

    Are they learning a new offense in Minnesota? Miami? Were they learning a new offense the first year Tom Brady went to Tampa Bay? The first year Stafford went to LA and won the Super Bowl? This excuse is tired already. It does take time, but these other teams were successful in the same situation. It’s bad coaching and bad quarterback play. There’s no excuse for this.


Seems to me that you should probably throw the ball to Sutton. Not sure what it is with this franchise and it #1 WR. Other teams get their guy targets and catches. News flash, Judey can’t catch!!!

    Adam R

    Not only do the Broncos never target their star players, but they double down on that in the red zone. They’re targeting Cleveland, Beck, Saubert, and everybody except the guys they should be targeting. It’s unreal.

    Steve Mack

    Can’t catch and can’t read his route

Tyler Wychunas

Let’s goooo

Nj B

You better start finding out why your team is not playing together….Start with Russ!


DB4L but it hasn’t been easy man…


Russ and Hackett drinking the same Koolaid. Strange times.

    sptt 144

    Let’s Ride then!

    Sam Khatha

    Both of them need to leave Denver.

Adam R

It’s very clear the Broncos are a ship without a captain. There is absolutely no leadership here whatsoever. Melvin Gordon pouts on the sideline, shows horrible body language, pouts on Twitter and now he’s the starter. This dude has no conviction whatsoever. No wonder the Broncos are so undisciplined. We are doomed.

Dustin Snider

Still love this guy. Y’all crazy.

    sptt 144

    Really, why? Seriously asking from an outside perspective.



So Melvin said “kind of/sort of” when asked if Hackett explained on his lack of carries and Hacket said they had great dialogue… LOL. This man has no back bone man, I rather have Fangio lol

Moving on

Im a little disappointed, but at the same time I’m encouraged because they are better than the last couple of years overall. Things will get better as cohesion settles in and a couple more key players added.


    Their much worse

Kay C

Protect RUSS and more motion and deception will help RUSS COOK!!! Plays are to predictable like the Seahawks were doing with Russ. Need creative and tricky plays to keep the defense thinking constantly. Go BRONCOS, Lets Ride!!!

    sptt 144

    That’s what I was expecting to see here on the Broncos with Russ. But no, same show as Seattle.

damon wade

How about looking for someone that can call plays??🤷🤷

lewboski the dude

Lets ride into last place

Ryan Morgan

Honestly as a broncos fan this season so far has been really hard to watch

    sptt 144

    I thought this was gonna be the Seahawks level of play. Well, they’re not much better.

Steve Mack

Not his fault bro, its the o line. Elway and his management has invested so much of their money and draft picks on defense players and coaches since peyton lost to the seahawks. It frustrates me that we’re wasting talent on both sides of the team… But hey this is a new team and for sure next season will be better GO BRONCOS COUNTRY!!!

    damon wade

    Not true.

    Mr. Ryan

    Eagles have had to play with multiple back ups several games this year and they always have their o line together, coaching should be enough to keep this unit playing solid.

Roland Connor

you could replay this over each of the last three weeks and not even know which game he is referring to… Let’s Hide

    Darren Brown

    sad, but true.

sptt 144

You can tell this guy knows his football. His mind works very fast like McVey. But you never hear anything about accountability or see him pissed off. He’s at the same level all the time. Might translate into a lack of motivation ability. Nice guy, sharp guy, but maybe too even keel.

    Mr. Ryan

    The type better suited to a coordinator job. He doesn’t exude infectious confidence or a knack for motivating players.


Let me guess 16 points yet again this sunday?

Cbanecks Ban

How about just putting in that injury report than editing it and replaying the same speech every time he walks to the podium. Who wants to be leave this constant rhetoric when you watch the games and the film and you see something completely different than what he’s saying. They’re going to lose this defense if they lay an egg on Sunday

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