Nathaniel Hackett on offensive mindset: ‘We will do whatever we have to do to win’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Nicholas Hamilton Reply

They interviewed this clown again.

    Joe Branhagen Reply

    and they will continue to interview him. lol hes the fucking offensive coordinator???

    Rodriguez Manuel Reply

    Bro if u here to hate maybe u the fucking clown!!

    Username Unknown Reply

    salty Broncos fan? Maybe?

    Nicholas Hamilton Reply

    @Username Unknown No I’m a packers fan.

Richard H Cain Reply

Keep doing your thing coach go pack go

Nash Leonhard Reply

He made a comment that I hadn’t realized. These coordinators and coaches are basically all new to each other. It’s rather impressive to see them do this well with what little chemistry they have.

tylerao Reply

Go poach OBJ for a season or two. Aaron would love to throw to him

    Dj Diddles Reply

    I’d rather have sanu from the Falcons over Mr drama

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