Myles Garrett: I’m going to keep playing with that same aggression | Player Sound – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Charge YT

Good man 👏

Ethan Stewart

Best player on the Browns to me

Stomping Peak

Myles reminds me of a giant teddy bear that can rip your head off. I hope refs watch him because he gets held all the time.


Jesus christ he is fucking huge look at those arms

J Red

Myles isn’t dirty he’s DANGEROUS! Go DAWGS!

Gabriel - Content Writer

I love this guy…..he has nothing but good attributes. Myles just needs to tweak the “when to pull up” decision to not get that personal foul flag. This was the best number 1 pick the Browns have ever made.

Vince wilmifingerdo

This man must be getting millions of dollars in endorsements in Cleveland and if he isn’t Cleveland sucks.

Venture Ads

Cleveland gotta worry about Aaron Donald & Rams Gotta worry about Myles Garrett

Nick Floris

Baker got hit even harder. No worries

Nick Floris

You are good Myles. Keep it going

cold spring

they need to play Avery


Myles reminds me of Bruce smith just attacks the QB

    Jr C

    Good comparison.

abdul smith

i do like his intensity, i wish all the other browns players adopt it as well.


This dude built like a freakin Mack truck I’d be scared to get hit by this dude ,good luck to anyone who tries to run full speed at him


So let me get this straight… you can’t hit the QB too high, too low or land on him with all your weight. Is this the NFL or powder-puff league? If the QB doesn’t have in his head that he might get hammered at any moment, how is the defense supposed to force him to rush the play or make mistakes. This all started with that crybaby Tom Brady and the league creating new rules to allow him to play into his golden years. All the flags have made the game nearly unwatchable.

Leroy Xiong

Every one mistakes but I gotta stay with Myles side for playing his best to the highest limits he can be to shut down the Rams good offense team

Vyrez Beatz

The O Line has a very tough game on their hands. This is one of the most important areas of focus for this game against the Rams. The only way to even make it a game is to treat Baker like the most valuable piece on the chest board and keep him safe. The only way around it, if what we have at the Line isn’t talented enough for this, then Coach Kitchens has to get them ready for quick slants and pin trigger ball release with a solid running game. The D is going to do what it can against that Rams Offence, but if Garrett can continue to get his hand on the Quarterback, also with shaving off the penalties. We should shake some fear in Goff to create some mistakes. Honestly, everything thing else is irrelevant. I believe this is the only way for us to have a chance to win with what has been shown thus far. #GoBrowns

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