“(My Shoulder) Is Feeling Great” | Mekhi Becton Press Conference | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Steven Rondina Reply

We all miss you, Big Ticket!

Matt Morano Reply

I love how a rookie is our best player😅

    Jamie Nagar Reply

    Brandon Mann and he

    Ron K Reply

    Gase still has time to ruin him

salmanjets718 Reply

Mekhi, can I have you pancakes?

Lee Da Hitman Reply

The Big Ticket is Back

Rob Greenough Reply

I love this kids energy and confidence. This is how you build a culture. Run behind the ticket he’ll show you the way!!

Matt Gold Reply

That tongue tho

Daniel Roberts Reply

Mekhi was lying when asked about the game against the Broncos. He knows if he says anything negative, Adam Hitler will trade or get rid of him. Not that it would be a bad thing for Mekhi. He could go to a contender.

James Plunkett Reply

the big man!

Jamie Nagar Reply

He’s more adorable than big braces

Ron Garzon Reply

stay out until your 100% and there is a new coach.

Ron K Reply

He wants to get traded away from Gase and the NY debacle

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