MVP QB Brian Sipe Discusses Favorite Cleveland Memories, LLWS, & Ryan Lindley | Browns Club 46 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

MVP QB Brian Sipe Discusses Favorite Cleveland Memories, LLWS, & Ryan Lindley | Browns Club 46

In this weeks edition of Club 46, Jim Donovan sits down with former NFL MVP Quarterback Brian Sipe. Brian talks about his experience playing in the Little League World Series, some of his favorite memories from his playing days, and his connection to Browns quarterback coach Ryan Lindley.

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Simon Sez Reply

Those were the days!!…. the men loved Brian for different reasons than the woman…my sisters were nauseating on game day. Lol

    B Miles Reply

    He looked like Ted Bundy.

Old Hippie Reply

Loved the Cardiac Kids! Brings back lots of good memories.

    A. Milo Reply

    Kardiac Kids….. 😉 yeah, love them….

Troy Brewer Reply

I was 11 years old and at my aunt’s house for Red Right 88…my grandmother predicted the Raiders would win…I was heartbroken

Skip Loredo Reply

That was when you were proud to be a Brown’s fan. For all you who weren’t born yet or to young to remember pull up on you tube the kardiac kids and you will see why!

    john anthony Reply

    Skip Loredo good days will come again

Michael Carioti Reply

I attended a Browns game in 1981 when Brian was at his peak, and I still have the program with Brian on the cover. It even has Bill Cowher in it as a player. Would love to have Brian Sipe sign it. Is he doing any appearances while in Cleveland? He’s by far my favorite Cleveland Browns QB and overall player!

karen munthe Reply

Ok….just into this 1minute and JD says you mention Brian Sipe in Cle and a smile comes on the faces!!!! How can he ask why that is? I’ll tell you why…..BRIAN SIPE IS A FOX!!!!!! Be still my heart!!!!

Retired Top43 Reply

Excellent video!

Michael T Reply

My parents left their honeymoon early because of red right 88! However my parents still say that was their favorite team.

Steve Chapo Reply

Back when QBs called plays. I had forgotten about that.

James Reply

Brian Sipe is my favorite Browns QB hands down. Great interview. Great memories.

Alan Endicott Reply

I have to have this documentary on DVD. Can someone direct me to where it is available?

pugslysmart1 Reply

Sipe, Newsome, the Pruitts…. Kardiac Kids…. to say they mean so much to me would be an understatement.

Mark Bloom Reply

This team is the reason my family got together at least one day a week and spent several hours bonding I’ll never forget those times ! I thank this man and this team for all that! Woof woof go Browns!!🐶🦴

abdul smith Reply

Man this bring back good memories for me and my older brothers, Sipe,Logan ,pruitt etcc

Theresa Deleon Reply

My all time favorite Brown!!!! He’s so right when he says people remember where they were when Red Right 88 happened. My family was glued to the tv, yelling “Kick it! Kick it!” I landed on the floor trying to help Ozzie catch that ball, then lay there for an hour after, crying like a baby. My sister was dating a guy named Michael Davis. I told her the interception was a sign they shouldn’t be together. Needless to say, I didn’t treat him kindly. LOL! Love this series. It brings back so many memories. Go Browns!

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