MrBeast and Cam Newton break some World Records – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Max Carter Reply

Cam is my favorite player in the whole league

Max Carter Reply

They r gunna win the super bowl

    Alexander Galvan Reply

    Packers vs Chiefs superbowl. Don’t sleep on the packers this year

    angery boi Reply

    Haha no

    The Drunk Whale Reply

    Lmao no, Saints vs maybe patriots

    Alexander Galvan Reply

    The Drunk Whale Packers defense is nice this year, trust me bro, don’t sleep on the packers

    Nickelgoose Reply

    @Alexander Galvan Packers gonna be so good this year…

Evan Childress Reply

Like this if the Panthers will make the playoffs this year!

    The Drunk Whale Reply

    Haha this comment made me laugh.

    tito thomas Reply

    The Drunk Whale if you laugh again im gona make you eat my crusty butt so good and deep that youll be able to slurp out my intestines. do you understand me?

    Pmysta 0 Reply

    Evan Childress like begger

    Kyle M Reply


    J-V V-J Reply

    Cam has already seen his prime years. Hes at best a 7/6 quarterback

Zac Campbell Reply

Cams arms are looking buff

Black Dude Reply

One of my favorite teams and one my favorite youtuber collab I was so happy

    hugo stiglitz Reply

    Black Dude same here

    Benjamin Blake Reply

    Cool to hear, but panthers fans only have ONE team.

    Gabriel Uwalaka Reply

    Benjamin Blake he probably likes teams from other sports.

    The Sac Is Back Reply

    Me too

Jamaal Noland Reply

MR. BEAST & Cam Newton and the panthers get the content

Jamaal Noland Reply

I love the fact that Cam a QB broke OBJ record for most catches in a min

    Jamaal Noland Reply

    @Zephyrn you think so

    King Cobra Reply

    Odell ran out of balls, but ok.

    cool Reply

    @King Cobra excuses :))

    Jamaal Noland Reply

    @King Cobra poor preparation

    Tristan Wilson Reply

    Jamaal Noland lol

Boyce Ulmer Reply

MrBeast thank you and keep pounding. 16-0 keep pounding

K Reply

god i love cams energy

    tito thomas Reply

    shoot210 ok but you gotta come out with me tho😘

    TrevorMODE Reply

    Y’all both gay for OD dragging that

    tito thomas Reply

    TrevorMODE you gay as hell for reading all of it. thats means you like it

    TrevorMODE Reply

    tito thomas I got a whole girl friend that was dumb

Yo Momma Reply

Jimmy and Cam Newton in the same video🔥

Jai Norman Reply

Cam Newton will throw for 5,000 yards and be an MVP finalist.

    Jay Anderson Reply

    No MVP. Just the Super Bowl

    Animeislove2 Reply

    Fuxk the mvp superbowl mvp is what cam needs

    MCKC Weaves Reply


    Cam Reply

    Jai Norman you’re on a Carolina channel which has a lot of fans and no one thinks he can because only 37 people agreed in 8 hours

    angery boi Reply


Colson Geffers Reply

Top 10 Anime Crossovers of all time

Chris Williams Reply

Mr beast is a Panther fan has officially made my week

    Glocc Reply

    Chris Williams he lives in North Carolina lol it’s there’s States team

Vincent Vega Reply

What’s really impressive is Cam can underhand an NFL football 39 yards, accurately and effortlessly.

Thomas Green Reply

They broke all the dude perfect football records


Carolina Panthers doing the social media thing right. Other teams should do stuff like this.

jos _kellu Reply

2018: dude perfect

2019: Mr beast

Lost Limbs Reply

Dang, Cam is amazing! And this is coming from a Cowboys fan..

Jesse Maggard Reply

Odell Beckham Jr is the best football player ever

Famingo Fan UwU Reply

Heeeey Chandler won something, again, he now has won 5 things

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