More likely: Derek Carr or Philip Rivers on same team in 2020? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

More likely: Derek Carr or Philip Rivers on same team in 2020? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Mike Florio and Chris Simms play "What's More Likely" and take a look at the Packers' struggles, as well as potential landing spots for veteran quarterbacks next season. NBCSports ProFootballTalk NFL GreenBayPackers DerekCarr PhilipRivers
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Mike Florio, creator of the industry-leading, offers his NFL insight alongside regular guests, including former NFL athletes such as Chris Simms. Pro Football Talk informs and entertains with the most up-to-date news and analysis surrounding the topical NFL stories of the day.

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More likely: Derek Carr or Philip Rivers on same team in 2020? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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Above Reply

DC is the man, don’t see him going anywhere. Rivers is a Chargers legend but dude is like 47 they gotta find someone else.

Eddie Rosa Reply

DC is our QB stop it… Rivers old but he makes the Bears contenders

    Tyko Reply

    Nah, the offensive scheme, run game, coaching, and O-line are garbage, regardless of the QB.

W3 x TH3 x N0RTH Reply

Hands down Carr. Rivers is old and needs a fresh start. Chargers are ushering in a new era in a new stadium next season and would be best suited to have a new young and shiny QB.

    lionel howell Reply


sam north Reply

Another dumb take by Florio. Carr has played well and there is no better option the Raiders will have available going into next year. Carr is not an elite QB but he’s excelling in this offense and it’s been without much at the WR position for a lot of weeks. Carr, Cousins Goff and on and on. Florio just fixates on QB’s and misreads the situation. Need to be better Mike.

    Johnny R. Reply

    There are not many Elite QB’s to start with and Elite means nothing when you see how many of them have not won a SB over the last year and not even been in a SB to begin with. Carr is good enough to get you to the next Level and is not that expensive that you cannot built pieces around him. Stabler and Plunkett were not Elite either and the Raiders shown that you can win when you have enough pieces together.

    Lucius Paullus Reply

    @Johnny R. Stabler was elite

Raider Zacc Reply

The hate for Derek is real out here.

    lionel howell Reply

    where are his PIECES??? surround him with TALENT not MEDIOCRITY

Jermainehysmith Hysmith Reply

I hope we do go after a true Franchise QB when the opportunity presents itself. Carr QB has played well but I don’t trust him to win us a championship or go toe to toe with the elite QBs in the league

Joey Sanchez Reply

I laugh when Chris Simms tries to criticize QB’s. Dude couldn’t hack it in the league and is riding on his dads coattails as an analyst.

    Lucius Paullus Reply

    It’s his job to criticize qbs as an analyst.

    lionel howell Reply

    yeah, he wasn’t S__T

Raider 52 Reply

I doubt his house is literally right next door. Just the same neighborhood more than likely.

WiL Reply

Get rid of Carr for who??

    lionel howell Reply

    i said in that 2014 draft that the best QB’S were Teddy and CARR… when they both have a complete team they both are solid. but i gave Teddy the edge because of better decision making overall under fire, and the COMMAND of the huddle.

Mordrayso Reply

It would suck to have Chucky looking through your windows with binoculars to see what you’re eating for breakfast!

    lionel howell Reply

    FUNNY BRO!!!

Christopher Toney Reply

Hey Chris both need to be fired

Christopher Toney Reply

Pat has no clue get him outa here nyg

Christopher Toney Reply

Qb killer

Christopher Toney Reply

Offense coordinator at least

A Guy Reply

Who keeps thinking Carr will be gone

Michael Parrish Reply

Please tell me Chris Simms isn’t dumb enough to “not believe” in global warming.

    M D Reply

    Haha stop being a twink


I don’t think Carr will be back.He needs to not buy a house yet in Vegas.

m Reply

Rivers isn’t a championship QB. Too hot-headed. You would think that would be clear by now.

Undea Khann Reply

I don’t why I even gave these guys a click.

The Shape Reply

4:30 forward: maybe the stupidest sports conversation I’ve ever heard.

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