Mitchell Trubisky: We’ve gotta believe this offense can explode at any minute. – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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mrzack888 Reply

It had Better, otherwise I will Explode.

Dalton Keightley Reply

With the redskins weak secondary this is Trubisky’s best chance to show us what he’s got.

    Supe K Reply

    Dalton Keightley , this is a good chance against a weak secondary but hopefully he can throw down field against a good secondary.

    NWhite Reply

    It’ll be a good game to get the offense in rhythm

    Ryan Stroud Reply

    And the OLINE needs to block better. Leno and massie been 🗑

    prforpricans Reply

    If he blows it again and we lose everyone should be done with him he has shown no improvement at all.

lebeR Ogun Reply

I want him to succeed, us Bears fans have endured troubling times at QB.

    BitchWho? Reply

    EyeCyou Yeah true and it’s sad because we don’t need him to throw for 350 yards and 3TDs a game. We literally just need him to get us down the field and score 20 points wether we score thru the air or ground. We just can’t have him killing drives and that’s what he’s doing.

    A F Reply

    @stereotypicalgamer ‘ Mahommes … OMG it makes me sick to see we passed him up. He’s the best QB in the league! He never slows down. We’re not winning a Super Bowl with Mitch. Even Rex Grossman played well enough to hit the Super Bowl. It was a different era of the NFL. Hester won us a lot of games but the kick off rules changed that. Now kick returners aren’t as big of game changers. They changed that rule because of Hester . The greatest kick returner of all time.

    EyeCyou Reply

    @BitchWho? I think we deserve to watch another game like he had against Tampa Bay last year..

    JayceeCameroNTheRapper Reply

    I want him. To be good SOOO BAD! I really hope he takes a leap and stays consistent for the rest of the season 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🐻⬇️

CollinsK85 Reply

Let’s GO Money Mitch, Make Monday Funday GO BEARS!!!🏈🐻

Luke Juarez Reply

Maserati Mitch!!! Boy will come around when it matters most. The only way from here is up 👆🏽

    Jam Reply

    More like honda civic mitch

    Crispy Chris Reply

    @Jam Honda Civic Type R is faster than the majority of the current Maserati models

    Jam Reply

    @Crispy Chris maybe a yugo

Low Life Reply

Step it up Mitchh! Don’t be the next jay cutler

    Dre Jackson Reply

    @Darren Mccoy beat me to it. I was saying Grossman with a weaker arm

    Austin Healey Reply


    Charles Farrow Reply

    Jay is the bears best QB of all time. He was a great quarter back but his only good reciever was Alshon Jeffrey

    SheffRudyTKE Reply

    @Darren Mccoy Jay had so many different offense of coordinators and a bad oline

    TheGloReferee Reply

    Jay “I don’t care” Cutler

Tosh T Reply

No, Mitchell. The most important thing is not that your guys believe in you or that everyone believes in the plan. Hope you ran a few dozen progression drills this week and hope Nagy decides not to call for a run up the middle on every 1st and 2nd down moving forward.

    George Franklin Reply

    Chest not checkers. If he’s running on 1st and 2nd down in the last game, the Skins will key on it as a tendency because that’s the tape they have.

M C Reply

Bro Mitch and O finna go HAM this week

    devang88 Reply

    He needs to start running with the ball. that’s what saved him last year

M C Reply

Fake fans really being exposed rn. Everyone be hyping Mitch in the offseason but then completely doubt him and start trashing when he has a couple bad games. Y’all better not be cheering when he gets into rhythm this season 😤

    Patrick Benitez Reply

    ConservativeMiddleEastern bruh Mahomes is good and we might be better with him but put Mitch in that Kansas City offense and I bet he balling right now as well and you might be saying we should have got Mitch

    M C Reply

    ConservativeMiddleEastern Bro the season has barley started. You have to remember Tru didn’t play any preseason games. Every heard of the expression “mid season form”?

    Crispy Chris Reply

    @Patrick Benitez whats your profile pic from lol

    Jam Reply

    He couldn’t complete a pass in a empty parking lot

    JayceeCameroNTheRapper Reply

    Right!? I want him to take off! I believe he will 🙏🏼🐻⬇️💯!!

Tyrone Redd Reply

The same people who are criticizing mitch, they were the same who said ”we don’t have a kicker”. Now, they love Eddy P. The same people who said “Preseason is not important. We should rest out players”. Now, they’re saying we should have played are players. When mitch start playing well, they going to be the same people saying “we have a QB”. Block out the haters and play ball. I got faith in you

    YO Yoyo Reply

    Things change. People evolve. Seeing all these early injuries especially to QBs reminds us injuries can happen at any time, hence why preseason reps are good after all. Lots of people believed in Eddy but he still had to show it. Mitch has been getting thrown under the bus but to be fair, he’s not playing well. I’d say Nagy’s game calling, poor offensive line play giving up too many pressures, & the WRs not getting open enough are all factors but when you witness Patrick Mahomes lose his #1 wideout, sprain his ankle, & continue to carve a great JAX defense with backup WRs it’s not a good look seeing Trubisky this rusty.

    De'Angelo Hickman Reply

    Well said bro

    Harvey Specter Reply

    @YO Yoyo Nagy isn’t Andy Reid and KC still has Watkins and Kelce.

    Matty23 Reply

    I never hated Mitch. I’ve also been a fan for 30 years. I know Mitch didn’t start much in college. I know its only second year in this offense. I know he works hard and has heart. I like Mitch. I love my Bears.

    But Mitch has had 30 games now, and thats a lot of game reps. He still stares down receivers. He still cannot make a second read. He still has bad footwork and mechanics. He still lacks consistency.

    I like Mitch and I love this team. I am just being honest. Mitch may be the weak link on this team. If he does not produce this year, this defense will be wasted.

    Good luck, Mitch. I hope you pick up where you left off last year. Time will tell.

T Money Reply

Mitch has got to get better. Ok no preseason is a fact. But it’s time to start showing you belong. If not it’s time for swaggy Nagy to go find his QB of the future. Let’s remember this was not his pick in the first place. Pace has got to do what’s best for the team as he’s been doing. So who cares if he was your pick. Time to move on if this kid can’t get it done. Gobears

Ricashay Reply

Time is now Mitch. Everyone is doubting you and saying bears f up on selecting you over mahones and Watson. Time to show your worth man

    Josh Shirley Reply

    Won’t happen. Guy can’t throw the ball more than 10 yards. We should be 2-0 and have beat the Packers by 20 but we didn’t because ……………………. WE DON’T HAVE A QUARTERBACK.

Aye Reek Reply

I can’t wait till he shuts everyone up! 🐻🔽

Joel Brown Reply

Mitch not a bad QB, but Bears org. needs to find how to put his skills on the field with the offensive team and he’s young so he’s still learning

George Franklin Reply

Leno looked like Jay Leno out there getting floored by a safety.

zooie z Reply

this QB controversy is my 35 years as a Bears fan I’ve been through MUCH worse QB issues.
hang in there and BEAR DOWN!!!!

MoneyMakin Brandon Reply

I pray he throws for 5 touchdowns Monday night he deserve it tired of hearing about Mahomes & Watson

    The B-Team Airsoft Reply

    MoneyMakin Brandon Such a sweet feeling when he tossed for 5 in the first half against the Bucs last year

Ivo G Reply

Next year lets get QB comp. Going. Dump chase and lets push mitch.

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