Mitchell Trubisky: All the mistakes we made, they’re fixable – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
De'Angelo Hickman

Shut up the haters Mitch! It’s just one game they’ll be on your bandwagon once you go out and lit it up

    A O

    @lane ferris LOL, Mitch & Nagy are the next Tom & Bill! There is no flaws to their game. Discussing said nonexistent flaws while hoping they show improvement in those areas is an automatic suspension of your bear fan privileges. We, the real fans, will acknowledge no flaws in the players & coaches we support.

    Duke Coughlin

    @MrMack for the win I watched and reviewed the film last night for four hours.

    If you think this is on Mitch, you should just stop watching football bud.

    MrMack for the win

    @Duke Coughlin lmao..unfortunately I dnt just like a player cause hes on my team like u fools do…I call a spade a spade

    Duke Coughlin

    @MrMack for the win The film doesn’t lie boss. Everyone on the offense did their job losing this game.

    Get over a team drafting a player you didn’t want and actually be neutral in your criticisms. The whole fan base showing they’re box score fans and don’t watch the game like a coach would.

    Duke Coughlin

    “We’Re ReAlIsTS”

    Said the fans who didn’t watch the team when we were winning 3 games a year. Please, go jump on another bandwagon please because you’re making the entire fan base look bad.

Emperor Penguin

Show unckie Fangio what you can do Mitch!🐻⬇️

also plz tell nagy to run the ball more🙏

    carlos hill

    Trubisky is trash

negative muse

Bear down mitch! Make us proud

Drew TheViper

You got this, Mitch. 1 game doesn’t dictate the rest of the season. Shake it off. Get back to work. We got your back. 💪🏾🐻⬇️

    Drew TheViper

    @AGK927 I was. Hell, we lost the first game last year and ended up in the postseason. I’m not worried. As long as he don’t let this shake him up.


    AGK927 I was, only the real ones stick through the tough times

    PHILosophy 1990

    @AGK927……I was riding for Mitch. It honestly wasn’t all on him. Playcalling, bad O-line play, too many penalties.

    Lamuel J Sackson

    @AGK927 lol its 1 game chill tf out you act like you won the super bowl 😂😂😂 Bears started 0-1 last year too and look what happened the next 15 games

    Steve Clark

    I’m telling y’all we lost because cutler was at the game that dude’s a curse

John Austin

Going to be a totally different in Denver defense

    J Dolo

    Yeh one he also familiar with from practice.


Shut them haters up buddy, put us on the map since everybody wanna count us out

Alexander Moises

Do not overrate Denver’s defense, Oakland smoked them, it was worse than the score.



    mikhel bunge

    Very true

    Micah King

    It was week 1. Vic took over our defense after the Mel Tucker debacle (giving up back to back 50 burgers), and turned us into straight savages!! Don’t underestimate his defenses at all!!


The offensive line played horrible week 1 also the bears need to make a trade for a tight end.

    Michael Zorn

    @daniel dehaan I want him to step up also. He does shine at times but I think we have seen what he is going to be like.

    Michael Zorn

    @eric chocian he may have been playing against nobodies. But he showed great potential and good hands and the ability to bring the ball in and quick feet. I was overall happy with him and Ives performance through the preseason.


    @Cortez just gotta get him on the field!!!!

    George Franklin

    I like Ryan Nall

    A O

    @Jerry SmithAgreed, at a certain point you play with the players you have… If they can’t make the offense work with the arsenal of weapons they have (minus burton) then its a bad scheme.


Let’s make the change man! Let’s get this chip! Be smart, see the field, get out of trouble when you need to. You got this man!! You’re my QB and I believe in you 🐻⬇️💯


This is my QB through ups and downs! Fairweather fans can hop off!!

    J Dolo

    @Micah King watson will be hurt again. Injury prone. Nagy is the problem. Game plan and play calling like he has Pmanning brees and brady. Mitch dont have to be great…just slightly above average. Consistent Efficient. Minimize his TOs which he does well when he aint passing 45 times. Run the MOTHERFUCKING BALL NAGY!!!!!

    Micah King

    @J Dolo Watson wouldn’t get hurt behind our line. Nagy was only part of the problem, Mitch played horrible!

    Aries Sensei


    Matt92 Machine

    NedMusic Just because you’re a fan doesn’t mean you have to ignore all of Mitch’s mistakes. We just calling him out.

DeAndre Irving

I hope we destroy the broncos so the media can get off our back.

    enTer ZoNe

    You meant the hyped?😂

    Josh Maple



    Our ? Shut the fk up


1. Trubisky should’ve played in preseason
2. We need to run the ball more to open up the pass game
3. Get Trubisky early/easy completions
4. Trubisky needs to read the defense better and don’t look down a receiver
5. Most importantly, 🐻⬇️🐻⬇️

    Mark Messina


    Kyle Woodward

    1 and 2 big time

    Mark Messina

    @Kyle Woodward cant do nothing about 1 now though

    Michael Zorn

    Feed Montgomery the ball keep Patterson out of the backfield or put him in at TE

Angel J

We support and believe in you, Mitch!!! Block the fake news!!!

    A O

    LOL, but Mitch remember: If you can’t clearly display on tape you can consistently go through your progressions over a full season, Pace will laugh at your agent when he asks for an extension.

youngblak Wall Street

Anthony Miller javon juice wims Riley Ridley cordaelle Patterson need to get the ball more Chicago BEARS WRs are about show up and show out Week 2 and for the rest of the 2019 NFL season unfinished business Superbowl 54 contenders 💎 in the rough let’s get it Bears dominate 🐻⬇️ #2018 NFC NORTH DIVISION TITLE CHAMPIONS

Jt Williams

Well, in hindsight, that poor offensive performance wasn’t all on Mitch. If a couple of those close plays go differently, the Bears are 1-0, despite the dropped passes, the penalties and the missed assignments on the O-line.


Come on Trubisky I know you are a Grabowski, show the Doubters last season was not a fluke….”GO BEARS”….!

derrick Wilkins

Yeah they better get fixed right away this is supposed to be our year😒

Matthew Junior

I want Jesper Horsted for TE.

    Kyle Woodward

    Your 100% correct on that for sure!!

    zooie z

    bring back Ditka to play some TE..

Kyle Woodward

We need to let David M. run the ball ALOT more.

    J Dolo

    Need to let all 5 rbs run the ball!!!! Run DMC Patterson and whyte! Thats why we got rid of underatted Howard

victor augustine

Bears need to play Javon Wims more I believe him and Robinson can get the separation and it would help miller and Gabriel and also run the ball more and this offense will be fine

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