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Anthony santoscoy

First steelernation


Black n yellow

John Sciarrino

Missy has some perky tits


Seems like communication is always a problem on our defense.adding fitzpatrick makes about 9 first rounders on our defense.. Wtf is the problem?

    Steel Super Saiyan

    Keith Butler is a bum DC

    bass reemer

    Fitzpatrick played for the great college coach-Saban who was a DB when he played and probably passed on a few pointers along the way. Plus he probably already craves winning coming from Bama and takes defeats extra tough so the other guys will have to catch up just to keep up which is good for Steelers secondary who look like crap so far….

Rocky Hooah!

Is it just me?
Butler is a well below average DC. Been saying it since following year 1 of his era.
The guy is simply a horrible DC. Should’ve been replaced 2 years ago!

    Dave Jones

    Rocky Hooah! ….LoL

    Sergeant V

    We fail to adjust at halftime on either side of the ball. I think the coaches really must think its the players fault. They may be right idk, but they arent coaching them up well during the week then.

    Rocky Hooah!

    @Sergeant V Meh. I pretty much agree. However, Butler to me is a glaring inefficiency. Imo but yes, the coaching over all is lacking.

    Sergeant V

    @Rocky Hooah! he is a protege of Labeau that uses his old zone blitz schemes with much less efficiency. Idk, you can say he doesn’t have a Troy Polamalu, but with our overall lack of defense, I’m more inclined to say he just isnt a good DC. Fichtner is also only here based on a relationship, with Ben. This weekend will be their chance to show off, if they can’t so it now with all these players, we know they have only been propped up by superstar players this whole time.


    Guys understand mike Tomlin splits the defensive unit with butler so he is as much to blame if not more maybe butler’s hands are tied he is just a scapegoat

Ben Isaiah

Did he say he blew James Washington
… explains the connection

Randy Farley

When they get there crap together they will be tough to handle.

    Dave Jones

    Randy Farley ..i think it mite take a couple of games.but i think they going to surprise people

Dave Jones

i dont think pittsburg is going to win for a couple of games to get things together

Clyde Davis

Ha ha…. 49’ers 3-0 and Steelers 0-3 😂🍻😂


    Get ready for a trap game, nerd.

Jon Scears

Wow that blue dress loooks gorgeous!😊😎

    Andrew Grove

    It does

Luke Faulkner

Butler is a moron can’t even stand listening to him let alone watching his scheme

Steeler Juju19

Keith needs to go! NOW!!!!!

David Muse

Like the speed at safety


BUTLER is forced to share defensive duties with Tomlin his hands are basically tied he is little more than a scapegoat for mike this has been confirmed by multiple team sources so maybe he wants to do things mike won’t allow so Mike is as much to blame

Anthony Mazzocco

Im gonna go on record by saying Butler is not one of….but theee WORST D coordinator in football….fight me about it


How many teams would like to have Butler as dc?? Think about it.

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