Minnesota Vikings vs. New York Giants Week 5 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
J Stiles

Daniel Jones will out play Kirk cousins and they’ll gonna be them like 24-17

Kev Uchiha

Come on giants let’s get the W.

    Jerry Junior

    I hope ya lose

Jeffery Robertson

New York Giants beat Minnesota Vikings 28 – 0 New York Giants was member NFC East Division from 1970 through 1993 and Minnesota Vikings was member NFC Central Division from 1970 through 1993 era


17-13 giants win


We own cousins 21-17 giants

    Stan ezen

    NYG <13>

Benito Diaz

Let’s go Giants ✊🏽

Saif Khan

My only question is, how come when they talk about 84 mill man, they shift blame to O-Line, but when they talk about DJ, Trubisky (from last week), now even Goff, they go straight to the deep passes and how they play short passes only. These guys also have pretty bad O-Line, especially Bears. Their O-Line is hot garbage


I am scared of the Giants once more. This team has a lot of potential once the Barkley comes back.

AD Fernandez

21-20 Giants

Yankee allday

Giants defense needs to show up if we want a shot GO BIG BLUE

Lockz Music

Giants – 20
Vikings – 13

Nicole Raditya

Giants for the win

Connor Kenway

Giants 27-24. That Minnesota D scares me but stopping the run is possible and Kirk is gonna Kirk. Also, momentum is not measurable but it matters a LOT. NYG has a QB people are about to anoint as Jesus while Theilen is calling out his own quarterback. That means something

Keepp Dreamingg

By the look of the comments, the Giants QB brought excitement back to NY💪

FakeUser NameTwo

Giants win, Vikings are a mess.

Ozamataz Buckshank

0:46 another prove that o line is SUPER important. As a giants fan watching eli struggle all those years ive been saying the same thing over and over again “we need to improve o line”


Why do the prediction people never believe in Danny Dimes. I feel like he’d win 10 straight and they’d still root against him

Giants Pride

I hope Kirk Cousins plays like Kirk Cousins this week.

Mike With the Sauce

Dj= overrated

Watch him crumble mid season

Stan ezen

Danny Dimes on lock. My take?:


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