Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears Week 4 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Review That Reply

The Bears D is unreal (That’s what she said)

    Legoat James Reply

    Same thing she said about the vikings d.

    Review That Reply

    Legoat James fr thoo

    Austin Madore Reply

    Haha that was so funny

    Demaryius Thomas Reply

    Legoat James go bears

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

Game of the week!

    Tenno Tube2 Reply

    I agree just because I’m a Vikings fan skol

    Christopher Morales Reply

    Sure will be but who will succeed

    E1iteChaos Reply

    Christopher Morales bears 😉

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

Bears have the 5th best rushing defense. Vikings have the #1 Rushing offense. Can the Bears shutdown Cook, or is Cook going to Cook the Bears? 👨‍🍳

    Fuck. Reply

    RTurtle we have a good rb just not a good o line

    EyeCyou Reply

    @RTurtle It’s starting to like trading Howard wasn’t such a smart move !

Sports 311 Reply

For the Bears to beat the Vikings, there’s 2 things that the offense needs to fix:

1. They must have an effective running attack against that vaunted Vikings D

2.Trubisky must be accurate throwing the football 🏈 from the pocket

    Donuts 1520 Reply

    1. Will probably happen

    2. Will be unlikely

    Saif Khan Reply

    You can substitute the second one for “Make Cousins throw the ball and let the defense score” lol

    Matt Ekre Reply

    @Saif Khan I’m as skeptical as anyone else when it comes to Cousins, but let’s not act like he hasn’t put to big numbers with Diggs and Theilen in the past. Never underestimate your opponent. Even the Dolphins beat the Patriots from time to time.

    Saif Khan Reply

    Matt Ekre There’s a big difference between past and present though. There’s a reason Mike Zimmer isn’t giving Cousins the ball to throw. He literally only threw the ball 10 times, TEN, against the falcons and still had a completion rate of 80%. The moment Zimmer gave the ball to him to throw, like in the Packs game, we was 40% and 2/3 ints

    Matt Ekre Reply

    @Saif Khan correct, but any given Sunday is a real thing. Nothing to do but wait and see how the game plays out.

Fingering Things Reply

Imagine Trubisky and Cousins trying to score against legitimate defenses

    nate sandford Reply

    Rayvon Velez nah Kirk isn’t the best I agree but he does show out way more the Trubisky does, also doesn’t help that his line plays like a JV high school team.

    De'Angelo Hickman Reply

    @nate sandford CTFU no he doesn’t… He has a horrible record vs winning teams.. There’s a reason the Vikes are running heavy despite having those weapons… They don’t want the ball in his hands

    nate sandford Reply

    De’Angelo Hickman why’s Trubisky winning games? Cause his defense was crazy last year! He had 2 Outlier games last year where he threw like 5 TDs each other than that he’s not a good QB at all! Also kirks had multiple 4,000 yard season you can’t tell me a terrible QB can have multiple 4,000 yard season especially with the weapons he had in Washington

    Matt Ekre Reply

    Gonna be a real tough game for both squads. Honestly, I’m just hoping that the Vikings minimize turnovers and penalties. If they start turning the ball over and rack up 100+ yards in penalties like they have in past games, they don’t stand a chance. Love divisional rivalry games, and much respect for the only defense in the league that does it (slightly) better than the Vikings! 👍

    Nate Snacks Reply

    @LarryLiveTV Not true. The Bears backup QB would not had Beaten the Vikings with the Bears defense.

fizzle mygrizzle Reply

The first sentence is wrong. The Vikings are looking to make it 2 in a row, not 3. We lost to the Packers Week 2…

    SpaGetty O’s Reply

    They knew that game was bullshit to

    Jaeten Reply

    Vince M. Honestly even if we score on that drive, Rodgers gets the ball back with 2 minutes…

    Rayvon Velez Reply

    You gonna lose again. Vikings going 0-2 in the nfc north. Bears are just better

    Matt Ekre Reply

    @Jaeten this is true, but I think the defense would’ve played out the same and kept Green Bay’s offense out of the game.

Im a pug Reply

I love my bears but the O line this year just isnt as good as lasts. It could go either way but if we shut Vikings run game completely down i think they got this

    Nathan Spratley Reply

    blackjackcz Except the Vikings allow an average passer rating of 96.2 by opposing QBs compared to Chicago’s 83.6

    Ranox Reply

    WhosDatDude Our center and guard switched positions pretty sure and Leno got softer

    Ranox Reply

    Rayvon Velez Fam you obviously don’t know anything about the Bears o line.

    Saif Khan Reply

    blackjackcz Thats because you’re comparing D-Line and Secondary all in one. Passer rating-wise, Bears are a much more dominant D-Line compared to Vikings. They have similar pass yards allowed but vastly different rush yards allowed.

Five Strong Reply

Da Chicago bears 🐻👇🏾

Drew Reply

Skol, can’t wait for this match up, gonna be alot of hard collisions

    lane ferris Reply

    100% hope for no injuries on either side. Good luck man gonna be a great game.

Unknown Reply

Both teams need to win.

Gonna be interesting

    VanHallen52 Reply

    Unknown I think vikings can get away with a loss here. They are playing a road game and will play Bears in future at home. I think Bears need this game tbh.

Pao Vang Reply

Vikings have to use their new duo more to help stopping the Bears great front seven. It will slow down their rushing power.

Charles Garrett Reply

Kirk cousins against above 500 teams ain’t good ima pick the bears by a TD

MICOLE WHYTE#Oneplus6T, A20, LG G6 Reply

Chicago will win

    MrbinklesGamer Reply

    Minnesota Vikings will win

Rachel Myers Reply

Like the bears in a close one. 21-17.

Lord Sheogorath Reply

Vikings 27-17 after almost choking it in the 3rd quarter but getting a late 4th quarter TD to seal it

libraryham Reply

Definitely could go either way, but I’m not optimistic for the Vikings since the game is in Chicago. Still hope it’s a good game, go vikes.

Rayvon Velez Reply

Sorry but bears ain’t going 0-2 at home. Bears win this game handily 40-13

    Modler Car service Reply

    Rayvon Velez 😂

    -Slurmdaddy - Reply

    Rayvon Velez woah my guy, so that would mean 3-4 defensive td’s

James Frigstad Reply

I think the Vikings can take this game, we have to play as well as we did last week score prediction is 20-17

Neebin Makwah Reply

Bears win with a C. Patterson TD!

Revival Reply

Cousins bouta be given the Mack treatment

    LeBears Reply

    Revival 😂😂😂😂

    Jake E Reply

    Revival Trubisky is about to get some Griffen/Hunter treatment… it’ll be a good game!

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