Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Live – August 24 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Keith Cousins Reply

I dunno, I was watching NFL Live on ESPN earlier and their fantasy football marathon is presented by Madden 21 so…

    Spraying30s Reply


    Keith Cousins Reply

    Deal with it.

    BigBody Reply

    You never make sense

    Spraying30s Reply

    @Keith Cousins no. Fool

    Keith Cousins Reply

    BigBody These Vikings of mine played the Oakland Raiders on September 22, 2019. No word on when they will play the Las Vegas Raiders at either US Bank Stadium or Allegiant Stadium.

Anna McPeak Reply

SKOL Vikings, this year is the year!

    I Do Basketball Reply

    Next year

    Karen 911 Reply

    Maybe the year after next year I’m not jinxing us

    Anna McPeak Reply

    That’s true

7th Orisha Reply

The future! His movements- quickness, awareness, and agility are very similar to those of Tyreek Hill’s. Can’t wait.

Not Surge Reply

If Kirk uses his legs more to create plays. We can be so good!

    SirDilly Reply

    He’s almost the same speed as Rogers… might as well try to make play like him

Mark Jensen Reply

You hired someone with a speech impediment as a football commentator?

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