Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Live – August 23 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jaeten Reply

Jeff Gladney looking niceπŸ‘€

jack oberg Reply


Mason Friedrich Reply

YESSIR!!! Love my kingsπŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›

Jiffer Reply

Wish they would just open like 100 spots to people who want to see it live. I live right by there

    Skoldier Soup Reply

    Dude same, I’m 10 minutes from the stadium and Covid or not I’d live to go to a game!

B-ball Bailey Reply

How is game one even gonna be played??? Lol

ryan damon Reply


Dane Winge Reply

Why dont the vikes let only X amount of fans in for the games lime the chiefs are gonna do ??

MrVikingsfootball09 Reply

why dont you edit out the first 5 1/2 minutes of nothing?

MrVikingsfootball09 Reply

someone in live chat said that the vikings need to get rid of cousins. why the vikings need 3 yrs to figure out if cousins is the QB the vikings have been looking for…while keenum in his first year with the vikings took the vikings to 12-3 in the regular season and to the nfc championship game…in two seasons with the vikings, cousins could only get 10 wins at most…money spent to get cousins just didnt make sense…imagine what another year or two with keenum to thielen/diggs, and the vikings offense couldve looked like…i wouldve taken my chances with keenum and groomed sloter (sloter looked like another wilson of the seahawks with the mobility to extend and make plays)…and spent all that money elsewhere.

    Dawson R. Reply

    Dumbest comment ever. Captain Kirk is the guy. Keenum had a fluke season with a great OC

    MrVikingsfootball09 Reply

    @Dawson R. lol…cousins had cook and can only win 10 games at most…keenum is more mobile and extended plays and never had cook…cousins stats inflated by his checkdowns…i call as i saw it…cousins will never lead the vikings to more than 12 games, let alone the nfc championshiop…keenum did that as a backup in his first year…a fluke the entire season? lol

    MrVikingsfootball09 Reply

    @Dawson R. a great OC? how many years was shurmar a great OC? keenum made shurmur look good. shurmur was never that great before working with keenum LOL i like shurmur but he is over rated LOL

    Dawson R. Reply

    @MrVikingsfootball09 πŸ˜‚ Kirk Cousins is a checkdown QB? Which QB led the NFL in TD passes over 30 yards in the air last season? Oh that’s right, that would be Kirk. How many passes did Keenum throw longer than 15 yards? Can probably count those on my two hands. Keenum was the master of checkdowns. Shurmur made Keenum look good. Diggs and Rudolph and Thielen made Keenum look good. Kirk has had better stats every year as the Vikes QB too

    Dawson R. Reply

    @MrVikingsfootball09 Vikings defense hasn’t been as good as that season. An average QB gets us past the Eagles. Keenum and the defense choked the Eagles game. Saying Keenum wasnt a fluke season is ridiculous. How’s he doing now in the league πŸ˜‚

Clark Stewart Reply

Eric Smith stop saying “you know” all the time. It’s annoying…you know what I mean?

Dark Knight Reply

Dithss guy sssthounthes like a young lou Holts..

Skoldier Soup Reply

SKOL πŸ’œπŸ’› If they decide to let a few fans attend the game PLEASE let me go! Only ever been able to go to one game ever would love to go to another!

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