Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Highlights – August 25 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Highlights – August 25

View highlights from the Minnesota Vikings practice at 2020 Verizon Vikings Training Camp.

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Boowaas Reply


Tim Van Voorhis Reply

Let’s get it boys .

jerome jabroni Reply

Was that Ezra working with the first team?

Oofer Doofer Reply

Here before Keith cousins

    Keith Cousins Reply

    “No one’s cutting Matt Ryan, no one’s cutting Aaron Rodgers…” – Kirk in his January 30th interview on the Dan Patrick Show

    Billy Long Reply

    Somebody say stalker…..

    Keith Cousins Reply

    Billy Long Did you know that Kirk’s interview at a Minneapolis shopping mall during Super Bowl weekend is still on NBC Washington’s website since the day it was posted on February 2, 2018?

Oofer Doofer Reply


    Keith Cousins Reply

    That’s why Ben Leber hosted the Pick 6 mailbag on my 34th birthday.


    Have an a 4.9 coming out, so looks like he still has that sub 5- second speed.

Mr Guy Reply

We gotta start Irv Smith Jr… Rudolph gotta let him shine mane…

Skoldier Soup Reply

SKOL! So ready for this season to start!!!

    Keith Cousins Reply

    Kirk in a public Instagram story from March of 2018: This is Kirk Cousins and I’m on my way to Minnesota.

Natearl13 Reply

Corner play is looking really promising. Combine that with the already strong safety & linebacker play as well as Hunter off the edge, & we could be in for a 2017-type defense

ryan damon Reply


Xander Johnson Reply


Xander Johnson Reply

Is no one talking about that insane TD grab Bisi had at the end??? That was a crazy catch

    Keith Cousins Reply

    That’s what @kirkcousins on Instagram just posted.


    Them short arms and giant hands can really catch!

    Marquise Govan Reply

    That wasn’t bisi Johnson that was Tyler Conklin the tight end who caught that touchdown look at the Instagram it was him bro not bisi

    Xander Johnson Reply

    @Marquise Govan My bad I thought that the number was 81

    Marquise Govan Reply

    @Xander Johnson you good bro

Not Surge Reply

If Kirk uses his legs more our o-line doesn’t have to be elite. I love to see Kirk running that fast and booting out to make plays. Dark horse mvp???

    Keith Cousins Reply

    Not Surge Well explain those last two videos I just uploaded. I’ll wait while you watch them because The Simpsons returns for season 32 on September 27th.

    Keith Cousins Reply

    Not Surge Oh and Brett Favre will appear virtually in tonight’s new episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks so…

    Not Surge Reply

    Keith Cousins That’s not true cause I saw Aaron Rodgers teaching Brett Farve how to stroke in some very string cheese on December 17th 2014

    Keith Cousins Reply

    Not Surge The music video for the song “Aaron Rodgers” by the rapper Swanny Ivy has been on his YouTube channel since January of 2019 and the song ranked #9 in my 100 most played songs of 2019 on Spotify.
    The people at the NFL can read those e-mails I’ve been sending them.

    Keith Cousins Reply

    Not Surge Oh and explain this to me because I was watching when it aired live on the NFL Network at 8 AM in the morning way back in October:


Cory Zeke Reply

These are legit perfect! Perfect little time frame

Cobaltbuddy89 Reply

Here for my daily Hype

Anna McPeak Reply


Tan The Man Reply


MJ 23 Reply

Let’s get it SKOL NATION

Cody Kirschbaum Reply

1 packer fan watched this video and or disliked it! eff it… skol Vikes!

Jonah. Ricci Reply

Seeing Kirk run is amazing

Prabjo E Reply


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