Minnesota Vikings Select T Christian Darrisaw in First Round of the 2021 NFL Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Minnesota Vikings Select T Christian Darrisaw in First Round of the 2021 NFL Draft

The Minnesota Vikings select Virginia Tech tackle Christian Darrisaw in Round 1 of the 2021 NFL Draft with the No. 23 overall pick (via a trade with the New York Jets).

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Vin Vang

Slick Rick back at it again!

    Joe Taz

    Matt Kalil was a great first round tackle, l


    @Joe Taz
    His rookie season, yes! Garbage after that!

P.J. Fleck

Good pick! And row


Skooolll great pick and 2 and 3

    Dan Fontaine

    two 3’s

    Joshua Nomura

    @Dan Fontaine Basically we got Pick 66, which is like a late 2nd round pick

    Dan Fontaine

    Yes it’s an early not a 2. Late 2 is still a higher pick. I like the trade. But an early 2nd rounder isn’t a first either.


    @Dan Fontaine yeap, i hope they trade up for 2 round

DBSaucce !

happy now? to all those people who spam OL OL OL

    Logan Paulson

    Yes and now we need a guard with one of our 3rds


    @Mr. Cook No, we desperately needed O-Line. I do not like the idea of Dakota Dozier and Dru Samia blocking for us again.


    LG LG LG

    Levi Kragt


    Mr. Cook

    @PlzFixWolves we’ll see in a few years.

DBSaucce !

look at slick rick legit man!

Ren Drag

You got soooooo lucky! Man i was pissed for awhile there!


    Everybody was πŸ˜‚

Burning Karma

Trader Rick making it happen again.
Now get us back in the second round and that’s a perfect draft all things considered!!

Ryan Zuppardi

Ngl you guys did really well in the first round (Jets fan)


Atta boy Rick trade down and still get your man. Amazing job.

Jon Hansen

one of the best value picks


Great consolation Prize! I would have done the Bears deal with Giant for Fields, even to move up 3 spots. Once we were usurped by Bears this was great maneuvering by the master..Trader Rick…Fields would have provided a 10 to 15 year solution at most important position..Awesome deal for a future 1st that most likely would be early 30s…It would have moved KC in in 2022 and that would inspiring for me. I hope Kirk proves me wrong about taking us to a Super Bowl title.I am guessing in 2022 or 2023 we will be trading assets on the level San Fran did this year. Unless Aaron Rodgers goes to Denver for a year and George than trades him to MN in 2023. That would be awesome. I hate that the Bears got Fields, they finally have a real solution at quarterback and I can’t help thinking we could have prevented it.

Tim Farney


I love it.

He should instantly be their starting left tackle.


Number prediction: Darrisaw 50…his high school number…college # retired RIP KS

Clinton Reisig

Grade A pick! πŸ˜ƒ



Joe Schmoe

great pick for MV

Lochlan Murphy

That was a great pick

Eyverson Leach


Jacob Schlittenhardt

He should learn a thing or two going up against Hunter all training camp. Looking forward to watching Cook shred the left side all 2021 now.


1000IQ great pick!

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