Minnesota Vikings 2020 Training Camp Highlights | August 4 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Minnesota Vikings 2020 Training Camp Highlights | August 4

View highlights from the August 4 Verizon Vikings Training Camp team workouts.

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Adrian Babu

cant wait for the regular season. SKOL!

    Lux Nixy



    “Regular” season Skol

Lux Nixy


Rixilz ll



SKOL!!! I love this team!!

ryan damon


Jacob Harris

Skol vikings


Love to see my vikes working hard skol! We need a season of Vikings football this year! Harrison Smith my favorite player he is a beast!

Danang Dwiatma

Harry the long hair😤

Jerome Shalom

George Harrison Smith
My Cousins Mullet

    Julian Marker

    The mullet goes hard lol

Skol Nation

Let the Players react to there Madden 21 ratings I want to see there reactions lol

    Keith Cousins

    They are trolling you with those ratings. You have been able to change them manually since I first started playing Madden way back in 1998. There was an article about Vikings Madden 21 ratings posted on Vikings.com weeks ago.

    Skol Nation

    @Keith Cousins yea It was only one player reacting to it not more players tho

    Keith Cousins

    Skol Nation You have always been able make any player a 99 and disable the salary cap to make whatever trades you want. When I traded Cousins to Green Bay for Rodgers in Madden 20, Kirk was given Favre’s old jersey number of 4 when he went to Green Bay. When I traded Dalvin to the Redskins for Adrian Peterson, I noticed Adrian was given his old Vikings jersey number of 28.


I pray who ever sees this become successful 🖤

Skoldier Soup

More more more!!! SKOL


Boys are back! SKOL!



Create Milk

the boys are looking good😈

Daniel Ramones

Skol Vikings!

Travis Rehder

Omg jumping stairs, I remember doing this in track.

Pablo Picasso

Lookin focused!

Lingo Wop GBF

Look like 2020 super bowl champions to me


Anthony Barr is going to beast this season. You heard it here first.

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