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connor and the coaches lost us the game

    Michael1313 michael

    Tomlin & company been losing games for years now I actually think they used to win in spite of him in the past

    Dave Jones

    Beama ..coaches are a joke


    @Dave Jones kieth butler looks like he just wants to smoke a cig lol

    Dave Jones

    Beama …..i think he should be a Butler in rich black couples mansion..make him a white servant

    D Raines

    @Dave Jones 😂😂 he looks like the typical Pittsburgh caucasian that’s why he got the job

Memyself Here

As soon as they took the leash of Mason he looked pretty good.. He’s not a dink and dunk player

    Ryan Maliek

    Memyself Here If only Tomlin and Fichtner could be bothered to figure that out.

    Bobby Johnson


    Mel Turnboo

    That was verrett who got burnt and didn’t play for 2 years lol because weatherspoon got hurt!!! Take away niners mistakes it would of been ugly because niners dominated both sides of the ball!!!

    Michael1313 michael

    Mel Turnboo no team dominates giving up 5 turnovers bro

    Ryan Maliek

    Mel Turnboo No they did not. 5 TOs is NOT dominating anything. They barely squeaked by a terrible Pittsburgh team with a 2nd string QB starting.


The D played well
Where the hell is the O line?

    Ryan Maliek

    IPushHard The loss of Munchack has REALLY hurt that O line.

    Yoy Mon

    Muncheck gone remember the pre muncheck era? Get ready

    Evan Grimes

    Munchak should have been head coach.

    Richard Hudak

    That’s what I’ve been wondering the past three weeks. We used to have one of the elite offense of lines in the NFL and it seems like we don’t even have an offense of line anymore even when Ben played the first game and a half.

    Johnny YK

    Exactly mason was running for his life on more then a few occasions and Connor kept getting clapped into next week as soon as he got the ball

Niggawhat ??

What tj really wanted to say is the offense sucks

    OsoArrogant 1

    Lmao on my momma

    L CALIENTE !!!

    na the offense gud have alot of talent its the kids firat real game, well be gud we have alot of weapons on o…THE O LINE IS WHAT QUEATIONS ME

    Alley Oop !


    Thomas Gerber

    @L CALIENTE !!! Fichtner just sucks!


    Well the D isn’t much better.

Gregory Rollins

Glad your in Pittsburgh. And I think the team improved. Your all getting better dispite not winning. Great game and looking forward to the next.
Peace and agap’e.

Ryan Maliek

Here’s why Pittsburgh lost: Only 6 points off of 4 turnovers in the first half.

    Greg Lockard

    @Richard Hudak And im goung to pray for you bro. Calling me out my name simply because we’re having a conversation and disagree smh.

    Thor Muntz

    @Greg Lockard Cowher had 2 appearances

    Greg Lockard

    @Thor Muntz Okay, my mistake. Two appearances. Both great coaches.

TAYLOR Raeshon24

Season may be a lost in total this year but as a fan u gotta be excited abt that defense going forward………..

Without Keith butler🗣😂😂😂😂😂👌🏾

    Michael1313 michael

    Hopefully tomlin goes too he doesn’t get a pass for this bullshit imo

    Shawn Houck

    I agree 100%!

    Keenan Smith

    Why y’all be hating on Tomlin so much?

    TAYLOR Raeshon24

    I fukz with tomlin his coordinators need to dip though


All I know we need some big W’s!!!! LET’S GO STEELERS!!!

    C Lo

    They’d take some little w’s too

    Travis Stoudt

    JOSE 74 steelers r going nowhere as long as Tomlin is still the coach

Blake Alcorn

So we’re back to the super loud music at the end of the video? Thumbs down for my ears.

Awkward Frank

Steelers are too close to being a very good team. They just need more aggressive playcalls, for Moncrief to catch passes (or they sign a decent WR), and for the defense to CONSISTENTLY play at 100% of their talent.


Fire Fichtner and get someone in who actually has their own playbook.


    kejigoto what happened to the fire butler crew?

    Ryan Maliek

    SwiftVisual He still needs to be fired. He either can’t or refuses to make adjustments. Ever notice how the opponent ALWAYS comes out and smokes the defense in the second half?


    Ryan Maliek Yes, I know he needs to get fired lol. It just makes me mad that everyone stopped saying that and now there saying “fire fichtner”. If we need to fire anyone, it’s Butler. And then fichtner

RK Belmont

49ers did everything they could to hand a W to the Steelers, in a pretty box decorated with a ribbon. Steelers said: nah, I’m good with losing, thank you.

RK Belmont

I saw interviews from Bellichick and shanahan when asked about the Steelers defense and they say: “It’s the same defense, it’s always the same defense.” That’s how they get picked apart, no creativity whatsoever.

Zen Masta

I feel bad for the players they have to put up with this atrocious coaching and they can’t be honest and call it out.

jen wallace

Love this team! They’ll get it together soon

Jonathan Puletasi

Keep Tomlin get an actual OC.

James Ricker

Miami might be getting the first and second overall pick in the 2020 draft

KJEdward Cooke

So far he’s worth that first round pick.


Every team that gives up 5 turnovers in a game loses the game.
**EXCEPTION: 2019 San Francisco 49ers

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