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Minkah Fitzpatrick Hauls in the INT in Steelers Debut

Minkah Fitzpatrick welcomes himself to Pittsburgh with an interception! The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the San Francisco 49ers during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Andrew Kyle Reply

Once again Nfl you try so hard to beat highlight heaven but you don’t succeed

Emperor Palpatine Reply

Highlight heaven beat you to it again

    David Long Reply

    Why you early on every single one?

    R C Reply



give him a new number

    ROBINSON A Reply

    39 is trash haha

    Jaded Inc Reply

    He can have 43

    Sumswag Gaming Reply

    @Jaded Inc sike

Kevin Holdorff Reply

Lol the experts said “terrible trade for the Steelers” … He just added a forced fumble”

    Stan Holloway Reply

    U talking about one game

    harold mccoy Reply

    @Stan Holloway what makes you think it won’t continue ?????

    Stan Holloway Reply

    @harold mccoy I makes you think he will? One game won’t define a player,

    gary marchelletta Reply

    It’s gonna be a top 10 pick

    Anthony Torres Reply

    He’s still on a 0-3 team. Is he going to ask for a trade soon? Just a question.

Prince-Kayson Kealamauloa Reply

and thats how u tackle a QB with no flag thrown

Angela Rucker Reply

Who else is pissed it’s not on their tv?? 😠

    Anonymous69 _ Reply

    Fr Ion got cable only got fox and I thought they had all the 49ers games on there but they don’t they didn’t even put a game on today just some emmys bullshit

    Bruce Coleman Reply

    Angela Rucker me i keep trying find game and sick of high lights

    Phil Gallant Reply

    Damn girl im pissed you arent my TV 😍🤪😂@AngelaRucker… Jk though next time just go to Google and type in nfl reddit streams and you can just click on the links to watch whatever game you want

    Jason Anderson Reply

    I’m more pissed your not in my bed

    Stan Holloway Reply

    @Daniel Rodriguez stop it. That could be a man.

Youtube FBI Reply

4 turnovers in less than 20 minutes

    Fier The Great Reply

    Youtube FBI smmfh 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ 6-14 pts off the board because of this… with 2 in the red zone…. easily a 17-0 game

King Davis Reply

Y’all ain’t finna stop our defense tho #goNiners🤪🙌🏾🙌🏾

    Bernard Johnson Reply

    @Anonymous69 _ idk y’all team how tf am I supposed to know lol

    Anonymous69 _ Reply

    Bernard Johnson I’m joking 😂😂

    Anonymous69 _ Reply

    Canick 684 they made the Super Bowl 2013 against ravens but lost 31-34

Book of shadows contributor Brian Reply

He is key to the steel curtain return.🤓👍🏽🏈

Fier The Great Reply

Despite playing absolutely HORRIBLE in the 1st half I definitely have to credit the Defense for not allowing TDs or even extra FGs attempts!!!! That is a HUGE plus!!!!

So for it to be only 6-3 is definitely impressive!!! Especially with a full half of football left to play!!!!

49ers WILL play better in the 2nd half 💯✊🏾🙏🏾💪🏾

    aaron blaylock Reply

    that has more to do with their starting QB being out

    Josh Childs Reply

    9Ers defense is stellar. It’s gonna win em championships eventually

    Fier The Great Reply

    aaron blaylock absolutely true but still it is “Any Given Sunday” and any team can beat any team…. still have to play who is in front of you.. not who could’ve or is not!!!

    Fier The Great Reply

    Josh Childs we giving up plays now smh so now it’s up to the offense to carry the defense!!!! The play calling seem suspect… they should open it up more!!!!

    Stan Holloway Reply

    @Fier The Great oh yeah? Tell that to Miami

Robin Raphael Reply

4 picks and only 6 point good job stealers

    Fier The Great Reply

    Robin Raphael 2 picks 2 fumbles not 4picks but you gotta give credits to my 9er defense for holding up!!!

Derek Smith Reply


Phips Deus Reply

As a Dolphin fan, I am happy for him!!


Tomlin is completely garbage, get rid of him. He only won e few games because of Cowers leftovers. Mike Tomlin has turned the steelers into a joke.

    Stan Holloway Reply

    He won a Super bowl. Stop it man.

    Richard Hudak Reply

    Stan Holloway Yeah he won a Super Bowl with Bill Cowher’s team you idiot

    Richard Hudak Reply

    I guarantee you if Bill Cowher was still the Steelers coach to this day the Pittsburgh Steelers would have at least two more Super Bowl wins with some of the teams they’ve had over the last couple years. Mike Tomlin constantly doesn’t have this team ready to play especially in big games.

    Stan Holloway Reply

    @Richard Hudak what if Terry Bradshaw was still quarterback how many super bowls would you have. Cover was coach for 15 season and has 1 SB win. It’s a far stretch to say what he could have done. But we know what he did when he was coach.

Brett Wilcosky Reply

We are going to go Owen 16 and Thailand got rid of our draft pick

Hutchentoot Reply

Steeler D looked very good today. I can’t remember the last time I said that. It’s been a while.

Muddytho Reply

All good….. word is their looking for him after juice stiff armed him into the next universe😂

Muddytho Reply

All good….. word is their looking for him after juice stiff armed him into the next universe😂

Hitchens Music Reply

Why don’t they add the highlight of him getting trucked by the 49ers back?

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