Mini Interviews: Nick Foles – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Joshua Jacob Reply

Finally the long awaited interview with the Mayor and Foles.

Desean I’m back at home Jackson Reply


    Kevin Thibodeau Reply

    Desean I’m back at home Jackson desean I didn’t know that was your full name y’all gonna be bomb too this season tho

    Desean I’m back at home Jackson Reply

    Kevin Thibodeau I’m rooting for y’all this season I’m watching every jags game lol

    Kevin Thibodeau Reply

    Desean I’m back at home Jackson lol same with eagles I’m so glad they are back

Collin Wicker Reply

So excited to watch Nick Foles play this year! He’s the leader on the offensive side we need.

    Joe Anton Reply

    Enjoy, I will be rooting for yall

    Sandra Lavini Reply

    We miss him in Philadelphia!

Ryan Hammond Reply

Philly Loves you Nick can’t wait to see you Thursday

    neetrab Reply

    He’s not playing from what I read.

Ryan Damon Reply


John Patrick Reply

Good interview style. Keep em coming

Ralph Cilley Reply

Can’t wait to see what he does on game day….

    Swagsonville Reply

    KC will be a tough rematch.

Seb Kennedy Reply

Our two leaders on either side of the ball! #DUUUVAL

Mina #9 Reply

Oh my gosh. My darling Nicky with the little tea cup!! I’m done. I lovvvve this dude!!

bryan arnold Reply

dude gonna be fun season.

Duval Jesus Reply

I love this Nick. He really opened up with 93. So good

ashley gutierrez Reply

Cuuutttteeeee!!!!! The mini cups and the small couch lol

Mega Reply


Mega Reply

Nick Foles seems so much more confident since he won the super bowl.

Joe Anton Reply

I was so excited to watch my eagles play nick foles in the game and I was excited to see sudfield play, but…

ALFredo Cuomo Reply

Jacksonville is a nice city! Huge difference from 15 years ago is insane! Go Jaguars!

kaj nieman Reply

I want this man to succeed in jacksonville so bad. will love this man forever!


WOO This is making me so excited for week 1 to kickoff I can’t wait to watch the Jaguars upset the Chiefs

Crispy Chris Reply

Cant wait to see Foles play on the Jaguars (despite him beating my Bears in the playoffs)

GhettoASMR Reply

Foles is a legend, got us our first superbowl.. Jags are going to be dangerous now!

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