Mike Zimmer Shares His Thoughts on Selecting Christian Darrisaw 23rd Overall | 2021 NFL Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Mike Zimmer Shares His Thoughts on Selecting Christian Darrisaw 23rd Overall | 2021 NFL Draft

Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer addressed the media from the TCO Performance Center to recap the first day of the 2021 NFL Draft after the team selected Virginia Tech T Christian Darrisaw 23rd overall.

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Zander Calhoun


Cody Braun

Biggest win of the draft? GB taking a corner. #skol

    Tyler Hawthorne

    Fields to bears is a problem

    Call me Sifu

    You do realize that corner is very good right? 4.25 40 yard dash, good cover skills, hes a beast.

    Sober Addict22

    @Call me Sifu sounds like you’re talking about josh Robinson to me and let’s look at how he panned out…. oh yeah he didnt


    @Tyler Hawthorne I wouldnt say that yet. No QB is a sure thing. Could be Trubisky 2.0

    Spencer Smith

    @Name I’m a UGA fan and while the pick was hilarious, I’m definitely worried he’s gonna become a stud. The kid’s really good and did some nice work against top receivers.

Lance Kociemba

He seems so sad he didn’t get cb in the first round 🙁

    FakeUser NameTwo

    He’s only happy now that it’s time to draft defense

    7th Orisha

    You mean safety. The CB positions are filled. We need Safeties, DE and Linebackers.


    @7th Orisha WRs 3 and 4 day three please

    Rowan Walch

    @FakeUser NameTwo we need Interior O Line

Giddy Kong

Big steal babyyyy

Supreme Sandvich

Honestly if we trade 2 of our 3rds and even a 4th, we could snag an early second. We need it.

    JB Moore

    @Not Surge the Notre dame kid seem like a nice prospect for a team looking for a solid 10+ year pro at the tackle position, but the Vikings now have three starting caliber tackles (Cleveland, Darrisaw, and O’Neill), two young talented prospects (Udoh and Brandel) and one veteran seing tackle (Hill).
    How many more tackles do the Vikings need? Let’s check out some guards instead of trying to dump another tackle into the interior line…We already have Ezra playing out of position.

    Tom Jones

    Tbh I prefer four 3rd rounders better odds of hitting

    Salvador Estrada


    Tyrell Werlinger

    We are in a position to trade up to 33 if we wanted.


    Asante Samuel Jr

Haoxien Yang

Wyatt Davis would be crazy if trade up in the 2nd round for him

    Squirt Reynolds

    @Tim Farney he has all the measurables, great tape, pedigree and if you listen to what his coaches and teammates say about him he seems like an elite level leader (which our online room desperately needs) and I’ve heard at least 5 so called experts say that he would be a for sure top 12 pick if not for the medicals. I think his presence alone would help our line more than any of our coaches. Just my opinion though and I’m anxious to see what he becomes

    Squirt Reynolds

    @Tim Farney also I’m a fan of a lot of these guards so I won’t be complaining if they get a different one because the medicals on dickerson come with legit risk. Boom or bust with him for sure

    Squirt Reynolds

    @Tim Farney I’m pretty sure saban said hes the best offensive lineman hes ever coached and that guy has sent a lot of elite prospects to the nfl

    Tim Farney

    @Squirt Reynolds i have also heard very positive things about his presence, and leadership. I would be very happy if they were to pick him — then just cross my fingers he can stay relatively healthy. I have no doubts whatsoever about his ability.

    Squirt Reynolds

    @Tim Farney word, my plan would be to get him then a guy like Davis Clevland or Merinez in the third to allow landon to take a year to get his body right and deploy him when hes ready. I want this guy in the middle controlling our line, unless something changes I dont think bradbury is the guy to control the LOS.

Kevin Fessler

I consider the Vikings VERY fortunate that Darrisaw was there at #23. Rick gambled and it paid off. They’ll address DE at some point tomorrow. This team still has some holes to fill as well as a number of players on one year deals who may/may not be around come 2022.


    We are in rebuilding now that Cousins is making the amount of money he does. Hopefully in round 2 we can acquire the QB that will luckily take Cousin’s place after this season. Cousins leaving ASAP is very important.

    Larry Burns

    Ronnie Perkins is a guy I would love to see the Vikings trade into the second round and get

    Squirt Reynolds

    I thought the colts were going to take darrisaw which would have left us with paye or oweh. I would have been fine with any of the 3 given the thirds we added. Trade up a little if asante samuel jr falls and hope landon dickerson makes it to the third round

    Corey Czech

    Milton Williams please

NorthStars the Steagle

“I told him don’t answer the phones anymore.” Damn Zim! Savage XD I’ve been kind of hard on him but I’ve been growing back into liking him XD

    Tyler Hawthorne

    Facts 💯😂

Casen Cazel

Nice to hear they finally realized they need to stop drafting linemen based on solely their athleticism

    JB Moore

    Sometimes it feels like they’re trying to gather a 5×100 relay team. So now they have one starter with some legitimate natural power. The only other linemen who have (reportedly) functional STRENGTH/ANCHOR are buried on the bench (Hinton and Udoh).. who know whether they’ll see the field at all this year…
    So, why not bring in a guard who can not just move his feet, but MOVE PEOPLE as well…


    @JB Moore Brian O’Neill is a great pass-protector though

cody roseberry

You know zim was in there saying pleassse let me pick another CB😂

Clinton Reisig

Top 5 offense 😊 yay! A very happy staff and fans watching, which is a good vibe

Ethan Griffith

You can tell Zim wanted a defensive guy 😂

    Neale Grage

    We will get a defensive guy in the second round after we train for a second round pick.

Zach Holoien


Emmit G

Wyatt Davis is an absolute MUST DRAFT. If we pick him up the o line will be solid for the next decade

Biggus Dickus

I love Zims upfront straight to the point attitude. And how he says Darrisaw still needs to win the job it’s not a given.

TinFoil Vegan

ayye look at mikey with that dope suit!

Burning Karma

It might be old school,
but I love how Zim just keeps saying nicely;
No one walks in and starts.

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