Mike Vrabel: We’re Excited to Play in Front of Our Home Crowd – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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RotaryPerfection Reply

The potential of this teams offense is on another level. Imagine a healthy Delaine Walker in the mix? Opposing defensive coordinators are already struggling on who to stop now that AJ is REALLY finding his groove. Now add DW back into the mix if he’s available in the post season and we’re really unstoppable.

    Jeff Miller Reply

    No doubt. I think 10 different receivers caught passes. Great distribution…

Jeff Miller Reply

Class act. Glad he’s here….

Johnny Murray Reply

Hoping AJ and 👑 are good to go. Got to rest 👑 if it needs to happen. These games are gonna be bangers. Haven’t enjoyed this team this much since Mcnair and E.George days. Great team

Cristian Elvis Reply

#TitanUp let’s defeat the Texans this week 💪 Vrabel making a case for him to remain as our HC, still need to see alot more, but he’s making a case imo 👍

quayon Petty Reply

We’re legit we have a potential coach of the year Vrabel rushing champion/m.v.p Derrick Henry,and comeback player of the year in Tannehill.. I’m glad we don’t get national attention we just gon snatch our respect from the league

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