Mike Vrabel: This is a Physical Football Team that We’re Playing – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
MegaMoves HotandCold

I can hear the questions. Nice

    James Nelson

    Finally 😀

George Harry

Colts are no joke

bradly mangold

Once they get Humphries and Davis more involved and the way Brown played and Walker man this receiver core can be really nice

    bradly mangold

    @Lil Wooddale_Outchea 100 percent

    Liam Monaghan

    Don’t know if you’ve watched any film but Davis did some great blocks and Good routes. I think it’s great him and Humphries weren’t involved and we still put up those numbers. Other teams don’t have film on them too which is nice

    bradly mangold

    @Liam Monaghan i did the little things always help Arthur Smith being a first year OC called a good game he will get the ball in thier hands more just one game, definitely liked what i saw

    Liam Monaghan

    I just so excited for this season. I live in the UK and I’m contemplating applying for a job in the stadium just to feel the energy and the buzz for this year.

    bradly mangold

    @Liam Monaghan me 2

James Nelson

I don’t know what it is but I love this coach. Heck even I am going into the game confident we’re gonna win. In my mind, we have the best team in the NFL bar none! Our stable is FULL of show ponies!

OG Bazz

Vrabel looks like he settles tie games by fighting the other teams head coach. Last man standing no cheap shots.

    William Shakespeare

    We’d probably never lose a tie if that was the case.

    Brandon Tilley

    Was thinking the exact same thing lol 💪

Cecil Hunter

I think we’ve found a great HC for years to come.

    Mike Vrabel


    Brandon Tilley

    I second that 👏

Dee Pleasy


Ken Adams

correction. they titans haven’t beaten a Luck lead colts team.

    J.B. J.B.

    Your point is irrelevant now bub…lol

    Ken Adams

    J.B. J.B. Right. So they never beat the best to be the best.

    Mike Vrabel

    @Ken Adams Who cares pal, youre talking about a retired player now. Get on or off the train.

Shady Slim

Colts own the titians but titans can break the losing streak if Henry plays well colts are vulnerable against the run

Shady Slim

fans needs to turn out team has a chance to go to 2-0



Lol Haha


Dirka Time

Broooo why they mowing the lawn during the damn press conference

Johnny Bell


Tim Mobley

You can never hear the press ask the questions

Brandon Tilley


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