Mike Vrabel: I Thought the Complimentary Football Was Evident All Day – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Ehrin Ehrig Reply

Let’s GOO!

Sean Grant Reply


sting king Reply

Great win

Glen Martin Reply

Good to Great is imminent

    James Nelson Reply


    Mike Vrabel Reply

    Its here already. Enjoy.

    James Nelson Reply

    @Mike Vrabel You got that right! This is a beautiful thing to watch!

    Lil Wooddale_Outchea Reply

    Mike Vrabel Good Game Coach

Brandon Dunlap Reply

Great win!!

Master Jedi55 Reply

Great team win! #TitanUp

SlickRick Reply


Emery Meyer Reply

the press is a bunch of morons

DeezR Bonards Reply

Great win! Extremely fun game to watch.

Jerry Adams Reply

Woo 43-13 I thought they would win this game, but I didn’t think it would be a blow out like this… onto Indy and the home opener.. big divisional game

oFISHal 1 Reply

#FromGoodToGreat !!!

Those DBs gotta tighten up, no pun intended, they were a few yards off of the WRs 90% of the game.

xdtrigger Reply

Starts at 1:31

    blakebellamy82 Reply

    xdtrigger thanks dog

Mean Beagles Reply

Mikey mustache back at it

Drift Wood Reply

1:50 start

New: We Busy Ent Channel Reply

We’ve been dangerous Marcus just needed help and that’s receivers that don’t balls , AJ Brown, Delanie Walker, And the O-line was even good today without Talor Lewan.

501_yung44 Reply

Our punter was clutch! I think his contribution was as big as any. Field position is everything.

Sally Cheney Reply

I think it cannot be overstated how valuable it was for them to keep the same/similar coaches for this team to be able to work on consistency and teamwork. Obvious difference in the game…coaching and working together and being disciplined as a result.

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