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Brian Taylor Reply

We need to start talking about the offensive and defensive play calling. Not just a general statement about the players.

    ROBINSON A Reply


    REDBOI 318 Reply


    Alexander Posey Reply

    Facts cuz play callin has been terrible

    Alexander Posey Reply

    Facts cuz play callin has been terrible

    you're right Reply

    we’re going to start a dialogue

BuzzLightyeear Reply

Maybe let Mason throw the ball? We had like 2 passes that traveled 5+ yards. Let’s lose hard or win hard.

    EternalCreator Reply

    Did none of you watch the game? He tried but there was good coverage and pass rush in his face all game…

    Itz Sombra Reply

    EternalCreator most of the time it was screen plays tho

    space boy Reply

    @EternalCreator Right. For some strange reason, the offensive line has certainly not blocked well for Mason Rudolph. Give the man some more time and he will make plays. Let him play. It’s all out from here. Starting 0-3 is certainly not a strong start for the playoffs. Chances are gone at this point.

Kick him In the face Reply

As soon as Rudolph was allowed to throw over ten yards touchdowns started coming. Why not let him throw something other than screen passes?

    junkyardDawg 83 Reply

    @EternalCreator ok not lucky but whatever you say

    Sly with The fly Reply

    EternalCreator your kind of a clown m8

    mike collins Reply

    @84montecarlonazi – nailed it!

    Maurice King Reply

    EternalCreator Why are you here you even here

Bravo Kilo Kilo Reply

His news conferences are like watching Ground Hogs Day. Same thing said every time. Let’s change the narrative and let Mason do his thing by opening the play book. Let these young players be themselves and bring some respect back to this team. Trust Your Team! * edit was a spelling error correction

    A.c. Harsh Reply

    Let’s change the coaching staff

    Amario Wade Reply

    Ellie Gonzales 🤣😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    Frederick E Reply

    🤣 it is quite repetitive

    CharlieConwayFTW Reply

    Bravo Kilo Kilo my favorite was his “we gonna unleash hell in December” then came out and lost to BRUCE GRADKOWSKI and the Raiders AT HOME😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅….oh! And THEN he lost to a 1 won browns team lmfao

    Bravo Kilo Kilo Reply

    CharlieConwayFTW he has been saying the same things forever. He speaks well and sounds convincing, but it’s all smoke and mirrors. I would like to have confidence in what he is saying, but actions speak louder then words.

Justin Boseman Reply

Hire a competent Oc….someone that will make the QB run his system.

Brenda Einloth Reply

We need to wear our “color rush” uniforms for the rest of the season. Undefeated in them ……and they look so bada$$!!

    Brenda Einloth Reply

    @Maurice King Great choice, Watt#90 is a beast!! I love when he kicks that leg high as hell when he makes a tackle, interception, and especially a sack!!!
    I think Monday night football, against a division rivalry Cincy, we’re gonna BALL out!
    Good game to wear those awesome uniforms too.

    Maurice King Reply

    Brenda Einloth we are wearing them?

    Brenda Einloth Reply

    @Maurice King no but I wish!
    They will be wearing them at home, against Miami, Monday night football. They will wear them again on Nov. 10 against The Rams…….the night they will celebrate the Steelers 40th anniversary of Superbowl X1V champs.
    I love those uniforms!

    Maurice King Reply

    Brenda Einloth Looks like we’re going to blowout Miami and have a good game against rams

    Brenda Einloth Reply

    @Maurice King Hahahaha yep, you know it!! We think so alike!!😊

Indigo God Reply

We need a new damn OC

    James Jones Reply

    We need a new damn coaching staff

    84montecarlonazi Reply

    And DC and hc

    Frederick E Reply

    Bring Todd Haley back or Ken Wisenhunt

    mike collins Reply

    I’d hire Lincoln Riley. His track record with young QB’s, the NFL’s embracement of the college offenses and how well that would fit Mason’s game. Then we’d have a HC that can takeover one side of the ball which would greatly mitigate whoever the OC is and rely on a competent DC.

Paul Buccigrossi Reply

Fire Fichtner and Butler or resign.

    Michael Carr Reply

    Amen they both suck

    Guillermo Ruelas Reply


    mike collins Reply

    why fire the DC and not the HC as well–didn’t Tomlin come in a defensive guy? He must have approved the schemes and he should be able to takeover if the DC isn’t getting it done. I’d fire Tomlin and let the new HC bring in his own DC and OC.

    Mike G Reply

    They BOTH SUCK especially the O coordinator

    Jonathan Oviedo Reply

    They all trash starting from Tomlin he probably the most overrated coach in the league.

Justin Cross Reply

DC and OC gotta go. they blow.

Marlon Nicholson Reply

He talked about not having Nix limited us. A creative coaching staff would have put one of the other backs on the field as a fullback

    Branden G Reply

    mike collins he’s a former pro bowler I didn’t know that stat but I think we should use him more

    Marlon Nicholson Reply

    @Branden G I guarantee to when Belichick does it everybody screams that’s why he’s a genius and all RBs block on pass plays so what’s the problem with asking the backup RB to play a little FB

    Branden G Reply

    Marlon Nicholson when bill bellichec does anything they say he’s a genius it’s cause they win and you’re assuming it’s just that easy that u can just plug someone in there and they’ll be good there’s a reason there’s two different position a full back and a half back two different things

    Branden G Reply

    Marlon Nicholson I’m not saying it couldn’t work but I’m not gonna assume I’m smarter than professionals

3D Texan Reply

Can’t believe no one asked about the play calling in the first 3 quarters. They need to let Mason play, or get rid of the entire coaching staff!!

William Santillo Reply

Need to control the clock. Seriously same cast on the offensive line pretty much, and goes from being one of the best units in the league, to a weakness.



    Guillermo Ruelas Reply

    Here here

    Donnell Adams Reply

    125 and 69 in 12 years the playbook is just fine, its the players they need to play better.

James Jones Reply

If Tomlin coached as good as he talks STEELERS would have multiple super bowls by now

    Agility Reply

    Ningnong4u he’s the head coach . Our OC and DC are the Un-creative ones. But I get it. You wanna blame the head coach. Do you even watch the games ? Tomlin can’t control drop balls . Fumbles etc

    CharlieConwayFTW Reply

    Agility he’s background is a DBs coach and his secondaries look lost all too often

    Ningnong4u Reply

    Agility of course I watched the game OC & DC are friends from his college coaching days apparently that seems to be more important then Super Bowl rings. Why is relying mainly on Conner in the running game? It’s clear that Samuel is faster & a better receiver.

    Another Brick Reply

    and belichick says as little as possible and will keep winning till someone can coach better then him it was Tom coughin

    Jorge Gaytan Reply

    @Agility true, but he should start Samuels, he’s better than Conner

Keenan Smith Reply

They trading all these dang players when they need to trade these coordinators..
We have the talent but we have been getting out coached

    Keenan Smith Reply

    Let me get another OC and DC 1st just to have a point of measure

    mike collins Reply

    @Keenan Smith – oooh, let’s try a new HC too!

    Keenan Smith Reply

    Trade a successful HC with all winning seasons? Fans are getting faker and more impatient than the political scene. What happened to progress

    mike collins Reply

    @Keenan Smith – progress? He’s been there since 2007! Loved him in the beginning but haven’t loved the trend of his team losing to too many inferior teams (one of the worst records vs non-playoff teams in the NFL), play awful on the road compared to home (greater disparity in points than the majority of the league), seemingly unable to make in-game adjustments, watches his LB’s cover WR all game without overruling the DC, watches poor play calling all game long on the offensive end without overruling the OC–or firing either, watches all season of poor special teams coverages without fixing it along with coordinator, can’t develop young CB and others in the secondary which is his forte and has a team that is of the leaders in penalties each season. I mean, we’ve already seen him with other OC’s and DC’s… he won with good ones because he was unable to mitigate their short-comings… he’s gotta at least be able to step in on the defensive side of the ball.

Jarrell Williams Reply


James Jones Reply

If they can’t beat the bungles there in some serious trouble

Bobby Johnson Reply

Honestly I think the Steelers are playing hard but not smart.

Guillermo Ruelas Reply

Maybe he should try shaving that horrid beard maybe that’ll kick start a winning streak

Patrick Stanton Reply

Get rid of the OC. Worst waste of talent I’ve ever seen

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