Mike Robinson: Minnesota Vikings are a Scrappy Team that Nobody in the NFC Really Wants to Play – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Mike Robinson: Minnesota Vikings are a Scrappy Team that Nobody in the NFC Really Wants to Play

.com's Tatum Everett talked with Network's Michael Robinson in Los Angeles about the 2022 regular season.

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Pᴀᴡɴ S𝜏ᴀʀ𝕤 ✯🇫​ᴀɴ

if rogers cared more about his receivers then conditioning his long hair maybe he wouldn’t be so mad 😡

🎃 UI 🎃

Mike Robinson was a mad hater in the off-season and now he’s praising us? The hypocrisy is crazy 🤣

    Brian McDougal

    It’s okay to change an opinion based on outcome of games


Go Vikes!


Vikings will be relevant when they can beat a quality team. All the wins so far have been against teams that are .500 or less.
Playing the Bills will show what this team is really made of.


    Most teams we’ve beaten were +.500 at the time we faced them. Plus add in there 3 divisional rivals that are tough no matter what. I agree though, need a win, not a quality win, but a win against either bills or dallas.

    Hue Yang

    Teams can beat kirky and the Vikings if they use more blitz on their playbook. Just Blitz like the Eagles did.👍


    @Hue Yang that’s was second game in prime time remember kirk ain’t good in prime and that won’t work much once u call it out and adjust


    Division rivals tough and tricky and we still building when we do get wins against what ppl believer bigger teams I want to see the narrative then it’s new coaching n regime we still building adjust a couple things and we a be alright



Danny DiSantis

“All Viking fans care about is beating Green Bay”? We did that 56 times since 1961 and I’m not fulfilled yet. I can tell you all us legacy Viking fans care about is winning a Super Bowl before any more of us die. We also care that Bud Grant sees his team earn the tittle “Super Bow Champions”. While we all hate the Packers they are unimportant as compared to the ultimate goal. Will we earn that title this year? Hopefully but it is too early to say. Once we get that realistic hope you know what they say, it’s the hope that kills.


Except the Eagles. Then again, they played on Monday Night and we all know how Kirk is on Monday night. Had that been at noon on Sunday, it might have been different.

Michael Dahmen

😈 = moving up the ladder.. . = so~ watch the hell out!! ~ 🏈!!!!

~ 🙌⛩️🕉️☯️⚛️⛩️🙌 ~

KoolKid PJ

Bro this guy be hating on Kirk every chance he gets lmao why are we talking to him

Shahram Nikpay

I remember this gentleman mocking Vikings mercilessly in pre season. How can you be so uninformed before season’s start & yet talk on a national platform? How about doing a little homework once in a while?



We care about winning a #Trophy more than anything else!!!

Florence Dahl

Do or die 2022 season in it for a long haul yet there are very good teams like the Buffalo bills yet to play Skol Vikings

Thaying Xiong

He lying!!!! He don’t even like the Vikings!!! Always against them and talk down on them!!! No respect!!

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