Mike Priefer Recaps Austin Seibert & Jamie Gillan’s Performance vs. Jets | Browns Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Mike Priefer Recaps Austin Seibert & Jamie Gillan’s Performance vs. Jets | Browns Press Conference

Special Teams Coordinator Mike Priefer addressed the media on September 19, 2019. Mike discusses Jamie Gillan winning AFC Special Teams Players of the Week, Austin Seibert connecting on all his kicks vs. the New York Jets and preparing for the Los Angeles Rams.

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Ed Dontes

Incredible improvement to our special teams unit. I don’t know if we’ve ever been as great over the last 2 games in my 40+ years as a Browns fan… GO BROWNS

    john anthony

    Ed Dontes it’s AWESOME


They let guiseppe go tho

    Matthew Walters

    Joey because he’s really not that good

    Juan Nieto

    Notice how nobody has picked him up? Because he isn’t good enough to play in the nfl. Great story but just not good enough

    Leroy Xiong

    Joey yeah I thought he was going to make it for the Browns roster but he’s not worth it for the Browns feel sadness for him 😔😔😔

Simon Sez

You had a guy with speed but didn’t give him enough of a chance un preseason…..Sheeheez, just sayin

    Simon Sez

    @LOCK DOWN PUBLICATIONS neither could Getald “Ice Cube” McNeil, they put him in rarely as a W.R….very rarely.

    Matthew Walters

    Besides that one play at the tail end of the first preseason game he didn’t do anything

    Simon Sez

    @Boscolegendtm Cleveland I get it, but Sheehy runs a kickoff back and the very next game he’s not back returning a the kicks. If it’s me, I keep letting him return kickoffs to see if it was a fluke, but I don’t feel he got a fair shot at it. Let’s face it, can you really put a price on a kick returner that every time he touches it, there’s a chance….but that’s just me and I guess that’s why I’m not a coach.

    Leroy Xiong

    I feel bad for Damon Sheehy was not making in the Browns Roaster, saw him can make good balls catches and make tackles missed him for TD and get lots of Yardage close to end zone for good field TD opportunity

Toriano Duggins

resign damon sheehy-guiseppi

Leroy Xiong

Yes the Rams was a super bowl loss and very good team good coach staff offense and defense, but they are just a professional football team the same every team so the Browns just needs getting together ready to competition the rams for the battle Sunday

James Grantz

I hope someone reads these! What are we missing! I’m mean come on! HELLO Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi!!!!! The man works hard! I would pay you to sign. Him if I had the money! I believe in Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi!!!

    Jay S

    Yeah well, I dont like the decisions to put Hillard D’ernest or Landry back there. Landry makes me never. Who was that guy running with Odell down the field on that short pass to the house #18?? Man he looked fast why try him at returning?

Robert Janko

Prief is doing a tremendous job, with 2 rookies! He will evolve Gillan and Seibert to real weapons!


This guy should be our HC

Evan Crissinger

Special teams is an art and Coach Priefer is an artist and shows he knows what he is doing! What a fantastic coach! GO BROWNS!


W I N D Y maybe W E T

Matt C

Lol this press conference is terrifying.

Theresa Deleon

“If you don’t believe that Cleveland is God’s country, then I don’t know what your problem is.” I love that he loves being in Cleveland. For some of our former coaches, The Land was just a bump in the road on the way to somewhere else. Part of being successful is liking where you work. This is his dream job. (See BtB episode 9, 21:20) Go Browns!

John Connor

Phenomenal job with kicker and punter improvements but, need a kick/punt returner specialist like Sheehy-Guiseepi


I really have liked this special teams coach (Priefer) throughout OTA’s and preseason even if I can never remember his name (yeah, I look it up every week). A bit of a fast talker but he is especially adroit at assessing opponents and he definitely makes honest comments about the Browns. We were really lucky to get a guy like this to run special teams. VAST improvement.

Jay S

Thank God, we finally have a real ST coach. Love that hes not satisfied with even one penalty. Perfection. Our head coach would do better to follow and promote this attitude . All I hear Freddie saying is we got to “clean up” this or that. This man is saying we have to “eliminate” penalties. Feddie keeps using we got to get a “little” better. No we need to get a lot better based on what I’ve seen so far. This man on the other hand, demands perfection! I love it.

Anthony Jones

Head Coach…

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