Mike Priefer: “I’m confident and excite about the challenge” | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The worst special team coach in the NFL

Dave Shishkabob

His confidence is delusion


I Love How….
This Ridiculous Coaching Staff…Talks about the Opposing Team has “GOOD COACHING”…They seem to Know what that LOOKS LIKE
They Just Don’t have a CLUE How to Emulate It….

Antonio Curlee

Fire fire fire fire he got go Joe got go and take Kevin with y’all please fire these guys 3 years and we going backwards.

Insane Asylum

This coaching staff is so dam soft, and they expect the players to play for them…

Q Horton

A little less confidence in his voice this week.. odd, I wonder why

Q Horton

How will Cleveland decide to beat themselves this week? Tune in Sunday!



Larry Bedouin

Thanks coach.

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