Mike Priefer: Fixing Special Teams Mistakes from Week 1 Is Key | Browns Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Mike Priefer: Fixing Special Teams Mistakes from Week 1 Is Key | Browns Press Conference

addressed the media on September 13, 2019 to discuss the upcoming matchup versus the Jets on Monday Night Football.

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Mark Wood

I’ll never understand why people question Jarvis returning punts, it’s football people, you want the ball in your playmakers hands. OBJ will be back there too if this team can get in the playoff hunt.

    Guy LeDouche

    Callaway will be back in a few weeks

Ohio Biker

Sorry we can’t find you someone able to kick an extra point.

Jack Benton

So far, Priefer is the only new coach whose talk in these interviews has translated to production on the field. I’ve said this several times on here, but ALL of the new coaches we hired sound like brilliant football minds. Unfortunately, neither Monken nor Wilks looked brilliant last Sunday. I actually expected the offense to struggle because these guys basically NEVER played together (which was CLEARLY a mistake, they needed more reps together in the pre-season), but I expected the defense to suffocate the Titans. Instead our D-Line mostly got embarrassed by an O-Line that had not one, but TWO backup Lineman on the field, and that Derrick Henry TD run was an absolute clusterfvck.

Special teams looked GREAT compared to years past. Yes, Seibert missed his first kick, but the entire unit in general looked SO MUCH better than previous years. With all of the injuries the Jets have, I hope this Jets game ends up looking a lot like the first Bengals game the Browns played last year where they had 4 TDs in the first half. I think something like that would go a LONG way towards getting this team on the right track.

GxR - Digital

you guys had the golden goose and let him go. but GO BROWNS! the great thing about the browns is they have the freedom to do thing nontraditional. already facing adversity, whats a little more going to do to a great bunch of guys besides make them prove everyone wrong? release the kicker and pick up a vet. it has to be done! there is a lot of experience in the wire. or have some one tackle the kicker in practice on film and have him claim lower back pain and send him IR. he needs some time to clear his head.. maybe next season. jarvis shouldn’t be returning anything. cant afford to over use his abilities. playing with fire.

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