Mike Phair Likes Depth Across Defensive Line – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Mike morris

Let’s go D Line!!

Mike morris

Sack leaders?

Colts fan4 Life

Most underrated coach on the colts by far

    David Murphy

    If and when Flus gets a HC shot somewhere else, this is the guy I want to take over at DC.

New Life

We need a dependable quarterback.

    Nathaniel Williams

    New Life Brissett

    New Life

    @Nathaniel Williams Seems that way. Well let’s go Brissett. You think the pressure of expectation got to Luck?

    Barbara Chieppo

    We have one

    Edgar Turner

    @Barbara Chieppo agreed

Jay Wade

I like this guy. He has my approval, y’all can now officially keep him.

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