Mike Pettine praises Jaire Alexander’s strong start – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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    Cuban Grenade There are only 18 comments and less than 10 thousand views on every packers interview. Not really special for being the first one to comment but whatever satisfies you


    @Weiss lol you really woke up on the wrong side of the bed huh? Let the man be happy


    Cris No man I’m feeling good, just stating a simple fact. One of my pet peeves are young men, mainly children making these comments. But like I said whatever satisfies him

Lil Yam


Jesse Grajeda

Playing like a top 5

Chris Hinch

Jaire: “Kevin King and I are the best tandem cornerbacks in the NFL.” Now that’s swagger.

    stephen batchelor

    Thats right

    TheProgrammer X

    Man the fact they won’t return is sad.Kansas and these other teams loves our cb s and packers don’t keep them around

    Otherworldly Burrows

    @TheProgrammer X That’s not a fact.

    Nameless Assassin

    TheProgrammer X Casey Hayward is the only example I could think of. Otherwise players like al Harris Woodson tramon. They all had long careers. Even Sam shields

    TheProgrammer X

    Chris Hinch different era different leadership


This I a good defensive coordinator right here


This man is as important as Matt LaFleur is to the entire team ! He did this in Ny with the Jets and tems with horrible offenses went deep into the playoffs , When he was head coach of the Browns the entire team was united like it hadn’t been since before they were sold to Baltimore . Mike Pettine got the raw deal in Cleveland and Mark Murphy and Gutekunst did the right thing in hiring a head coach who was willing to keep Pettine here and in Green And Gold ! This guy can coach and he knows how to get his players to buy into his coaching which is something only great coaches do . I hope he is serious about not wanting a head coach job again because the Packers should not only do whatever it takes to keep him here for long time .

Delonte Murphy

It sounds like someone jerking off in the background


The past years their defense started good in the beginning of the year but by mid-season it starts shattering. I hope this year the defense remains strong and helpful to AR.


I was so bummed when Jaire missed the ball on the Diggs td. The old packers would have lost that game but this D is different. Just waiting on Gary to earn more pt


    IHCTerra I don’t believe that was the case. Either way that was the time to swat the ball rather than intercept it, he thought the ball was overthrown.


    @Weiss Alexander said that it was the case and he obviously had the ball go through his hands. He just misjudged the ball like he couldn’t see it.

    I’m going to take his word over yours because he does usually make that play, he is the one who actually did it and you just watched it on TV.


    IHCTerra Dude cmon. I’m a die hard packers fan but I call it how I see it. You said he usually makes that play? He only has 1 career interception so he has never made that play before. He wasn’t aware of where Diggs was on the field, his head was up looking at the ball, and his hands hit Diggs right arm, therefore impeding his ability to catch the ball. That’s a classic excuse when someone says they couldn’t see the ball, he totally didn’t take full responsibility on how how that was his mistake. Even if whatever you’re saying was right, you do not try to catch the ball in that situation, ESPECIALLY if you are beat by the receiver which him and king were. If he was trying to swat the ball and/or play the receiver his arms would have been at full extension, increasing his chances of swatting the ball. He simply tried to do too much.


    @Weiss ever see him play in college? That is a play he makes. He has the ball skills, he had position and he just missed the ball. He also said the sun was why he missed it.

    Sorry, he has more credibility than you because it is your word against his and he was there.


    IHCTerra Whatever suits your fancy bud. A friendly debate seemed to have turned personal for you. We’re on the same team🤙

Son of sparda

We need to resign Jaire when his rookie deal is done

    Son of sparda

    My bad 😂😂😂😂


    Son of sparda lol


    They’ll let him walk like Heyward and Hyde


    TheBanditofvideos Well that happens when players get greedy. Of course teams would never just release great players but when they are asking for more then they’re valued that becomes a problem


“Is his leadership real?” These media guys ask the dumbest things

Packersfan 12

That’s Stone Cold Steve Pettine

Mark Petrizzo

Sounds like Bradley Cooper. Looks like Rick from pawn stars

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