Mike Pettine on Carson Wentz’s playmaking ability: ‘You can never assume the play is over’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

4-0 …. GO PACK GO !

Osker Hernandez

I cant wait when we play the cowboys im from tx n i cant stand em

    stephen batchelor

    Thank u for being a pack fan🔥

    stephen batchelor

    @Lashay Smith leave just kidding

    Danny hinton

    @Lashay Smith why I think our defense match up great with them

    Lucas Stephenson

    I am going to this game. The stadium is always filled with green bay jerseys.

    Reesey Racks

    i think the Dallas game will be Aaron Rodgers breakout game, you heard it here first..

Osker Hernandez


Keshan Mitchell

Get us the dub coach!!! Go pack go

Jay Jay

I know we all excited for the cowgirls game but we have to get this win. GO PACK GO !!

    Keshan Mitchell

    Big facts

    Saul Guillen

    Hell yeah

stephen batchelor

Go pack go


Can Nelson still play? see if he’s interested in a one year contract.

    Richara Gonzales

    Maybe we could get Cobb back with a trade for Jimmy

Eric Hairston

Let’s go Packers

Trey A

Congrats on the win. Eagles dropped 9 passes. I just got back from the future.

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